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3 Ways To Prevent And Even Cure A Leaky Gut

3 Ways To Prevent And Even Cure A Leaky Gut

A leaky gut, or a leaky gut, is a fast-growing condition that affects at least half of the Dutch population (unknowingly). If you have a leaky gut, it has an impact on your overall health. Fortunately, you can tackle a leaky gut with a change in your lifestyle. Superfoodguru explains what a leaky gut is and has listed 3 ways to prevent and cure a leaky gut.


If you are dealing with a leaky gut, very small holes have formed in the intestinal wall. The mucous membrane that covers the intestinal wall is inflamed in most cases. The consequence? The good intestinal bacteria no longer attach properly to the intestinal wall, so that the waste products produced in your intestines end up in the bloodstream. Food that has not yet been fully digested can also enter the body. Because nutrients are less well absorbed by the body, this affects your health. Your immune system in particular is the victim of a leaky gut. The complaints are diverse, but often consist of allergic and inflammatory reactions, hormonal problems and mood complaints.

#1 Don't forget to chew well

Chewing well is essential for good digestion. By chewing well, the saliva with the digestive enzymes is well mixed with the food. This allows your body to absorb the most nutrients and you get the most out of your meal.

#2 Your diet is number 1

You want to keep the balance in the intestines as healthy as possible. You do this by adding high-quality foods to your diet every day and paying attention to the things that are less healthy. To prevent or cure a leaky gut, we recommend that you opt for a leaky gut diet. Alternate your daily food intake with organic and unprocessed ingredients and try to avoid sugar and alcohol. In addition, taking supplements such as vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc is also not a punishment for your health. A leaky gut diet is a good way to prevent complaints and also to face them.

Green juices are the solution if you want to support your digestion with a high dose of nutrients. Drinking just one green juice a day can make a world of difference. At Superfoodguru we have an extensive range of green juices. Our Green Lover Pack contains four different types of juices, so you can discover for yourself which juice you like best. You can also reset your digestive system with one of our green juice detox cures. Enough choice!

#3 Chill out and relax

Giving your body enough rest and relaxation is a must for a healthy lifestyle. If you give yourself enough rest, you prevent long-term stress. Do things you enjoy, make time for yoga or meditation, go for a walk in the woods or on the beach and relax. This way you keep your stress level as low as possible, and you can reduce the symptoms of a leaky gut.

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