100% Biologisch | Cold Pressed | Ongepasteuriseerd


Fresh and artisanal

Superfoodguru juices & food products are made fresh daily and to order in our production kitchen in The Hague. Our juice is therefore really fresh and can be kept in the refrigerator for 8 days after production.

Cold pressed

Quality above all. This means that we cold press our juices, so that important nutrients and enzymes remain alive. Pure, unprocessed juice without additives.

Organic certified

We are 100% organic and Skal certified. Scale number: 107403

No use of HPP

We make a really fresh juice with living enzymes, without using HPP, pasteurization or shock freeze techniques.

HPP = High pressure processing, with this method the entire living microbial content of products is broken down by means of extremely high water pressure. As a result, a product loses its nutritional power. The shelf life can be changed from a maximum of 8 days to a maximum of 90 days.

Pasteurization = Pasteurization is the process of destroying spoilage bacteria under severe food products by heating the food briefly, without changing the product too much. Pasteurization takes a lot of energy

Shock freeze = Shock freeze brings a product to -18°C as quickly as possible in order to extend the shelf life to months. As a result, the product loses its taste.

By using these techniques, a juice has a longer shelf life, but this does not benefit the quality and taste of the juice.

Sustainable, compostable packaging.

Superfoodguru supports a sustainable earth. That is why we develop compostable packaging for our products and strive to use completely plastic-free packaging for our brand. For example, our juice bottle and bliss ball packaging are made from 100% sugar cane and are industrially compostable.

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