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Superfoodguru supports you in natural beauty

In the Superfoodguru shop you will find organic cold-pressed juices inspired by the latest health food trends and our creativity. Superfoodguru is founded on the belief that eating and drinking well is the foundation of wellness; renew energy, maintain our beauty and heal from skin and physical problems. Healthy eating and exercise is your medicine. This way we have more control over our health.

Our founder

Jojanneke is a plant-based juice chef and entrepreneur from The Hague. "Organic cold-pressed juices and raw food products, made without pasteurization, shock-freeze techniques or added sugars. I wanted to deliver that to people. After completing my Management study, I followed both my passions and studied at the art academy in Den Haag & for Natural Nutrition Advisor.

Always interested in PlantBased nutrition and health, I have become convinced of the power of fresh cold-pressed juices. With creativity and pleasure I develop juice recipes and raw food products. Fascinated by the benefits to my health and skin, I launched Superfoodguru. And a place to get inspiration about health, fitness and nutrition in my blog: Into The Guru”.

Since 2017

Since 2017 Superfoodguru has been launched from Jojanneke's kitchen , originated from a need for fresh quality juices without processing, a passion for creating new flavors and creativity, with a sustainable approach. Since then, we have been producing everything in our own factory with our Superfoodguru Team , developing and inventing new ways to provide people with accessible and healthy food .

Unprocessed juices

From organic ingredients (Skal-certified), to not using pasteurization (HPP), no shock-freeze and no additives to our juices. We needed an unprocessed, really fresh, organic juice that you always want to drink. Quality above all. That means we cold press our juices and keep important nutrients and enzymes alive. By developing and testing our juices ourselves, know

A personal story

The personal aspect and service-oriented approach is not only reflected in the juices we make in-house, but is part of everything we do. Jojanneke is the creative person of our team and she works on new flavors, food products, Into the Guru, webshop and marketing. Her partner, on the other hand, is the production talent, who is mainly concerned with the back office, production, distribution and logistics of the growing company.

Fresh juices produced in our own factory

Superfoodguru juices are made every day in our production kitchen in The Hague. The cold-pressed juices are made from unique combinations of vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs. An example of ingredients: fennel, beets, spinach, sweet potato, ginger and turmeric, but also apple, banana and orange.

Jojanneke: 'The flavors are the result of many experiments based on existing recipes that we have adapted, but also of pure coincidence. By experimenting with ingredients, the tastiest flavors were created. However, I also look to optimize the health aspects of each juice. For example, the effect of turmeric is greatly improved by black pepper. '

Superfoodguru is an independent Dutch brand created by foodie entrepreneur Jojanneke: 'I want to develop a sustainable company with reasonable prices for a large group of people. We keep our prices competitive on the market. For example, we do not include delivery costs in the sales price, 'that's one of the reasons we keep the price per juice low'.