Organic | Cold Pressed | No HPP or Shock Freeze
Slim Fit Fusion 01

This is a low fruit juice. Granny Smith, fennel, apple and arugula makes this juice so special. This fennel juice is super fresh and makes you feel healthy right away.

Veggie Cappuccino 02

The veggie cappuccino is a low-fruit spinach juice. A very easy to drink juice for beginners. This spinach juice consists of no less than 73.5% vegetables.

Feel The Bite 03

This is a delicious mix of orange and beetroot. This beetroot juice has a sweet taste and is one of our most popular juices.

Pineapple Paradise 04

The combination of pineapple, cucumber & mint makes this juice so refreshing. We added lime and celery for intense flavor and nutritional benefits.

Ruby Red 05

Do you like a Spanish gazpacho? Then this is your juice. This is a (slightly) spicy carrot & tomato juice with celery, fresh coriander and lime.

Orange Is The New Black 06

The Golden Retriever of our juices. An easy-to-drink organic juice blend of carrot & mango juice with orange, turmeric, celery and black pepper for added nutritional benefits.

Burning Man 07
The most popular juice of our entire range! Burning Man 07 is a powerful ginger juice in combination with orange, apple and lemon.

In addition, it has an added kick of turmeric & black pepper. Did you know that turmeric is a plant related to ginger!

Ginger Girl 08

Ginger girl is a fresh carrot juice and has a mild bite due to the added ginger juice. By adding the superfood 'Baobab', your body is supplied with essential amino acids and vitamin C.

Strawberry Fields Forever 09

This strawberry juice has a wonderfully sweet and fresh taste, also because of the pear and lime. The added beets are the ideal supplier of vitamins and minerals.

Wild At Heart 10

This friendly green juice has a sweet taste due to banana and Granny Smith apple. For example, a banana is full of dietary fiber, potassium and starch. These contribute to healthy digestion.

That Hard Green 11

If you like green, this is your juice. Die Hard Green 11 contains no fruit and is full of leafy greens, broccoli, cucumber and carrot, with the extra kick of ginger & lime.

Magic Moringa 12

This special green juice contains a whole range of green vegetables and superfoods. In addition, the juice has a friendly aftertaste and is a pleasure for novice green juicers.


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