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Blue Protection Shot

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A tasty pure ginger shot with blue spirulina full of proteins and vitamins.

Ingredients: Ginger + apple + lemon + blue spirulina

About Blue Protection Shot.

Blue Protection Shot 51



Not only pleasing to the eye, but also spicy on the tongue.

Recommended for:

  • All kinds of juicers
  • People looking for a pure ginger shot


Ginger + apple + lemon + blue spirulina

Freshly produced | Certified Organic | No HPP / Pasteurization or Shock Freeze | Compostable Packaging | Low shipping costs

  • All ingredients are organic and certified by Skal
Application & Shelf Life
  • Cold pressed. Perishable, keep refrigerated. This juice can be stored in the refrigerator (4 degrees) for 7 days upon receipt.
  • To be used as part of a healthy lifestyle: drink in the morning as a kickstart of the day, as a (supplement to your) breakfast, lunch or as a healthy snack.
  • To be used as a 3-day Reset: you drink 1 shot and 4 juices during the day, a raw bliss ball and a plant-based salad or soup in the evening.
  • To be used as a Detox juice cure: you drink 1 shot and 6 juices every day, in addition 2 liters of water and herbal tea as much as you want.
  • Shake before use. Manufactured in a facility that processes nuts.

Nutritional value
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More information

Why buy a ginger shot?

To start right away: ginger, from which a ginger shot is made, is a superfood. Ginger is much touted when one is not feeling well, it has a calming effect on your stomach and you have a less bloated feeling. In Asian and Arab countries, it is widely used in food. There it has been known for centuries as a product that would have a medicinal effect. You can also see an advance with us because the benefits of a ginger shot are being experienced more and more. You can also buy a ginger shot because it's just delicious. It's a delicious drink.

Buy ginger shot to cleanse the body

Do you feel like your body is in a slump? You have little energy, are often too tired to do anything when friends ask you to join them. Your body feels like a block on your leg. Every time you want to do something, your body stops you. The mind wants, the body doesn't. It's time for you to cleanse your body, you can do this by following a detox cure or you can buy a ginger shot, that's a very good start.

Ginger is said to cleanse and promote good blood circulation. How is that exactly?

Ginger has 3 important building materials that have all kinds of properties to protect your body, which are: gingerol, shogaol and zingilberene. These substances have antioxidants and protect the body against, among other things. Cardiovascular disease and cancer. Research is still being done daily, but we can say with certainty that ginger is healthy. Also because of the many vitamins and minerals it contains. That immediately explains why buying a ginger shot is so popular.

Buy ginger shot for healthy lifestyle

Many people who start exercising and have a personal coach receive nutritional advice right away. We are convinced that good food and drink is the basis of energy, it protects you against all kinds of ailments and awareness alone makes a positive contribution. No time to exercise yet? No problem, you can already start living healthy. You buy a ginger shot from a specialist, our ginger shots are of high quality and have a good concentration of ginger.

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Blue Protection Shot



Pittig door de pure gembersap.

Aanbevolen voor:

  • Alle soorten Juicers
  • Mensen die op zoek zijn naar een pure gembershot


Gember + appel + citroen + blauwe spirulina

Vers geproduceerd  | Biologisch gecertificeerd  | Geen Pasteurisatie | Lage verzendkosten

  • Koud geperst. Bederfelijk, houd gekoeld. Deze sap is in de koeling (0 en 4 graden) minimaal 7 dagen houdbaar na ontvangst. Zie datum op de dop.
  • Te gebruiken als onderdeel van een gezonde levensstijl: drink s'ochtends als kickstart van de dag, als (aanvulling op je) ontbijt, lunch of als opkikker.
  • Te gebruiken als onderdeel van de hele of halve Sapkuur: je drinkt iedere dag 1 gembershot en 6 sappen, daarnaast 2 liter water en kruidenthee zoveel je wilt.
  • Schudden voor gebruik. Vervaardigd in een productie die noten ve

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Nutritional Facts

Blue Protection Shot


Energie: 199,7 kJ

46,9 kcal

Vetten: 0,2 g

waarvan verzadigd vet: 0 g

Koolhydraten: 10,9 g

waarvan suikers: 6,9 g

Vezels: 0,6 g

Eiwitten: 0,7 g

Zout: 0,1 g