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Detox Juice Programs

What can I expect on a SuperfoodGuru organic Detox Juice Program?

Our organic Detox Juice Programs are based on the science behind a whole-food, plant-rich diet. Each detox is nutritionally designed to contain the optimal amount of plant-based protein, hydrating fresh produce and nutrient-dense superfoods so you can look and feel your absolute best. Our clients report very good results! We cannot wait to see where your journey takes you!

What are my options when getting started with a Detox Juice Program?

To get started, first choose which detox you would like to receive and add to cart. Make your payment easily with Ideal Checkout. After payment you will receive an confirmation email, detox instructions will follow. Our Support Team will contact you to confirm time and delivery day.

Why organic?

Many of the toxins we absorb come from the produce that we eat. Non-organic fruits and veggies are treated with pesticides and contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These toxic chemicals enter our system, accumulate over time and wreak all kinds of havoc on our bodies. Organic produce, on the other hand, is not only free of these chemicals, but is also more nutritious and more flavorful as a result. It's cleaner, fresher, and a whole lot tastier!

Will I be able to go about my daily activities (work, exercise, travel, social activities) while on Juice Detox Program?

Most people have no problem going about their daily activities while on any of our programs. If you are on the SuperfoodGuru Detox, we recommend that you consider lessening your workouts while you adjust to the program and listen to your body, particularly if you experience fatigue. We also recommend adjusting your calendar so that you can commit to the Detox as designed. If you are traveling or have social commitments during the Detox that prevent you from fully committing to the program, it could impact your results.

How soon can I begin?

To receive our Juice Detox Program, sign up at least 3 days in advance to prepare yourself. Preferably take 1 week of preparation before a detox to be well prepared by following our detox preparation instructions.


Where do you deliver?

SuperfoodGuru's organic Juice delivery service is currently available in Zuid Holland, Rotterdam & Amsterdam. If you live outside this region, contact us and we will discuss possibilities!

How many deliveries will I receive at my 3day, 5day or 7day detox?

Because SuperfoodGuru's Juices are made with the highest quality, fresh organic ingredients and is a super fresh product, you can keep your juices fresh for 5 days in the fridge. As a result, if you ordered a 7-day Juice Detox program, you will receive your detox in 2 deliveries. If you ordered a 1 Day, 3 Day or 5Day Juice Detox program, you will receive your detox in 1 delivery.

When do you deliver?

SuperfoodGuru Juices & Detox programs will be delivered in whichever date you select in the calendar (at checkout) when ordering your program. To view the delivery windows available go here. Depending on your location, you do not need to be home for delivery – if you feel comfortable, we will leave your delivery on a safe spot like your garden or with your neighbour. Please specify delivery instructions when purchasing your item or program.

Do you deliver on weekends?

Yes! We deliver on Sunday evening because you can start your Juice Detox first thing on Monday morning. We'll always be here for you when you’re ready to reset and start the week fresh with clean Juices.

Will my Juice stay fresh in transit?

Our cooled transportation keeps your Juices fresh at 0 degrees so they are in quality state when they arrive at your doorstep.

What if I'm not home during delivery?

If you are not home when a delivery is made, our shipping carriers may leave your order at your doorstep or with your doorman depending on your area. You may be able to provide additional delivery instructions (e.g., leaving the delivery at the back door or with a neighbor). Please note that while our carriers will do their best to honor these special delivery instructions, we cannot guarantee that they’ll be accommodated and aren’t liable for any lost, stolen or damaged deliveries that result from these requests.

When do you deliver?

SuperfoodGuru's Juices will be delivered in whichever date you select at checkout. To see our delivery days click here.

What if I need to modify my delivery time/address/instructions?

All changes to a pre-existing order must be made 24 hours prior to the next delivery date. Please email to to request the change.

Are the bottles BPA free?

Yes! All of our plastic meal containers are BPA and phalate-free.


How do SuperfoodGuru subscriptions work?

A SuperfoodGuru subscription is the easiest, most convenient option for living the SuperfoodGuru Way! Because we know that the most life-changing results occur when you drink or eat according a Plantbased lifestyle , a SuperfoodGuru subscription ensures you never have to miss a single week of clean, organic, cold pressed Juices. (That’s one less thing you have to think about, in addition to meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up.) We’ll collect through automatic debit on a recurring weekly basis, and you’ll receive complimentary delivery. There is absolutely no commitment – you can skip weeks of your subscription if you're traveling or simply want a break, increase or decrease your Juices for any given week, and cancel your subscription at any time without any penalty.

As a subscriber, how do I skip a week of Juice or change my quantity of Juice?

If you are on a subscription program, you can skip a week with no penalty by sending us an email. If you need assistance, please contact our Support Team:

How do I cancel my SuperfoodGuru subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty by sending us an email and we will cancel your deliveries.

If you’re just taking a temporary break (and we hope that’s the case!) you can easily reactivate your subscription by letting us know by email. If you need assistance, please contact our Support Team:

If I am travelling or moving, can I receive juices at a different address?

Our Juice delivery can anywhere be delivered within our delivery area. If you are travelling and would like to temporarily receive Juices a different address, or relocate and need to permanently update your address, please email and we’d be happy to help you.



Each SuperfoodGuru Juice is created around our pillars of nutrition, which are based on the science behind a whole-food, plant-based diet. Our Juices are optimized with the perfect balance of plant-based protein, hydrating fresh produce and nutrient-dense superfood ingredients. And they’re always 100% organic and free of common allergens like gluten and dairy. Every sip you take is packed with body-loving vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber to keep you glowing from the inside out!

Are your Juices gluten-free?

Yes - our Juices are 100% gluten-free! So many of us are sensitive or allergic to gluten without knowing it. By cutting gluten out of your diet, your body will no longer have to work overtime to digest and eliminate this foreign substance, and instead can focus on healing itself naturally.

Are your programs vegan?

Our Juices are 100% plant-based. Contact us for further questions and we will happily accommodate.

Is there enough protein in SuperfoodGuru's Juice Detox Program?

Yes! Our program is designed to give you all of the bioavailable, easy-to-digest plant-based protein you need to build lean muscle, trigger metabolic functions in your body and keep your energy soaring.

Are your Juices raw?

Yes! All of our Juices are raw. Our goal is to help you integrate healthy, easy, wellness eating / drinking habits that you’ll want to stick to.

Can I choose my Juices on a Juice Detox?

We offer a set menu of delicious juices that everyone on the program receives. Each Juice is nutritionally designed for your optimal health, so while you cannot choose your own menu, we guarantee that you and your body will benefit from each and every Juice.

I am very active. Will I be hungry on a Juice Detox?

We know from experience that fasting during a Detox will help you regain your natural intuition about hunger and fullness. Through this program, you’ll build a body you can really listen to! And when you tune into the signals your body is sending you, you’ll be able to nourish yourself effectively and break free from the food-related habits that are holding you back from achieving your goals. You’ll learn how to distinguish true, physical hunger from emotional hunger (the kind that comes from boredom, stress, habit etc.) and dehydration. Whatever you decide, you can be sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to feel your best each day.

Is this enough food for men to drink?

Absolutely! We have lots of men on our program and they’re thriving. Everybody is different and every body is different, so it is important to pay attention to your body’s needs. The amount of food you need to feel your best is dependent on a number of things such as your natural metabolism, your level of physical activity and your lifestyle. That said, our clients—men very much included—are often surprised by how satisfying these meals are due to their nutrient density (thank you, plant-based superfoods!). When you’re nourishing your body with all of the nutrients you need, you'll find that you won't be as hungry as when you’re eating less nutrient-dense foods, even in higher volumes. However, we still want you to listen to your body, so honor your feelings of hunger by supplementing your SuperfoodGuru program with clean, whole foods as needed.

I am pregnant/breast-feeding. Is SuperfoodGuru Juice safe for me?

First of all, congratulations! We have pregnant and nursing mamas on the SuperfoodGuru subscription each week, and they find that our Juices supports them very nicely during their motherhood journey. The most important rule while on the program is to listen to your body, so our SuperfoodGuru moms find that they feel best when supplementing the Juices with clean, whole food snacks & meals. We always recommend speaking to your healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet during this special time! We do not recommend the SuperfoodGuru Juice Detox program if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

How many calories are in each Juice?

This issue is so important to us—in fact, it’s one of our key pillars of nutrition! We don’t count calories because we don’t believe they’re a good metric for measuring a food’s nutritional quality. So instead of calories, we count things like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and colors. And instead of worrying about nutrition facts, we want you to focus on how food makes you feel. All of our Juices are nutritionally designed and perfectly portioned to fuel your body with the optimal amount of nutrients in the form of clean, whole, real foods, so you don’t need to stress about the number of calories you’re drinking.

Will I lose weight?

The SuperfoodGuru Juice Detox delivery program is designed to fuel your body with everything it needs to thrive, so you can look and feel your absolute best. It’s not a diet—it’s a lifestyle that’s all about taking care of yourself and making your health a priority. For some people, that may mean shedding excess weight; countless clients have had success losing weight on this program (just check out our testimonials!). While any program we offer will help you achieve your health goals, a SuperfoodGuru subscription is the best way to see truly life-changing results. And if you want to maximize the program’s slimming effects, consider cutting out snacking and drinking alcohol, which can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Remember that you can always reach out to us along the way—we’re here to support and you throughout every step of this journey, and we’re excited to help you accomplish your wellness goals, whatever they may be.

Do I need to cut out caffeine and alcohol when on the Juice Detox program?

Caffeine and alcohol are taxing your body’s systems – think dull skin, sluggish digestion, roller-coaster moods, excess weight and low energy. We don't prescribe cutting them out entirely (remember, this isn’t a diet!), but you will see the best results if you take an occasional break. Try it with your Juice Detox and see how great you feel!

Are SuperfoodGuru's programs safe for children?

Our SuperfoodGuru Juices are definately suitable for children and full of nourishing whole foods. We do not recommend the SuperfoodGuru Juice Detox program for anyone under the age of 18. We encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about our programs prior to starting.

Are SuperfoodGuru's programs safe if I am on prescription medication?

We always recommend speaking with your healthcare provider prior to starting a SuperfoodGuru Juice Detox program if you have any health conditions or are taking prescription medications or nutritional supplements. This is especially encouraged for the SuperfoodGuru Juice Detox.

Additional questions? Please contact our Support Team ( We're always here to help and we love hearing!