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Detox cures

The benefits of a juice cleanse: detoxification + nutrient replenishment thanks to ultra-fresh juices, cold-pressed, certified organic and composed of the best vegetables, fruits and superfoods.

Detox kuur 3 dagen - superfoodguru
Detox kuur 3 dagen - superfoodguru
Detox cure 3 days

The 3-day detox cure is a juice cure that replaces all your meals. It contains 18 bottles of fresh organic cold-pressed juices.

Detox kuur 5 dagen - superfoodguru
Detox cure 5 days

The 5-day juice cure is a detox cure that replaces all your meals. It contains 30 bottles of fresh organic cold pressed juices

Detox kuur 1,5 dag - superfoodguru
Detox cure 1.5 days

The 1.5 day juice cure is a liquid detox cure program, it replaces all your meals. It contains 10 bottles of fresh cold-pressed juices (no HPP).

Detox kuur 7 dagen - superfoodguru
Detox cure 7 days

The 7 days detox cure is a liquid detox program, it replaces all your meals. It contains 42 bottles of fresh organic cold pressed juices.

7 Dagen Detox Deluxe - superfoodguru
7 Dagen Detox Deluxe - superfoodguru
7 Dagen Detox Deluxe - superfoodguru
7 Day Detox Deluxe

The 7 Days Detox Deluxe cure is a really fresh and complete juice cure. It replaces all your meals. It contains 42 bottles of organic cold pressed juices (no HPP), 7 ginger shots and 7 Bliss Balls.

Detox cure 3 days

The 3-day detox cure is a juice cure that replaces all your meals. It contains 18 bottles of fresh organic cold-pressed juices.

Detox cure: cleanse your body from the inside out!

We are all aware that fruits and vegetables are healthy for your body. Yet all too often we poison our bodies with sugar, alcohol and all kinds of other unhealthy things. A detox cure from superfood guru is a super tight plan when you want to free your body from all waste and you want to feel energetic again. It is also a good method to lose excess or last stubborn kilos. A detox cure is all about beauty from within! The carefully composed cold-pressed juices from Superfoodguru give your body a big boost that will make you feel a lot better. Would you like to know which meal replacement detox cure is most suitable for you or do you have another question? Feel free to contact the Superfoodguru!

Make your own detox cure

You could of course try to make a detox cure yourself, but there is a good chance that that will not be completely successful. When you choose a detox treatment from Superfoodguru, you can be sure that you will receive a tasty and balanced juice fasting treatment that does its job well. Because you will shine from within, if only because of that beautiful glow that appears on your skin! Moreover, you can get out of bed in the morning without snoozing and you don't have to drink liters of coffee to wake up. You will find the investment in a detox cure from Superfoodguru more than worth it , not to have to make a detox cure yourself! Are you a beginner when it comes to detoxing? Then start with a detox cure for 1.5 days. You will find that this can already work wonders!

Detox cure weight loss

It is not always easy to lose the excess kilos and diets take a lot of time. That is why a detox cure from Superfoodguru is very suitable for losing weight in a short time ! With Superfoodguru's juice cleanses you have all the benefits of a diet and a weight loss cleanse in one. The big advantage of this is that you don't have to stand in the kitchen for a long time to prepare a healthy meal. Moreover, you do not have to spend hours of your precious time to collect and process all the ingredients. With Superfoodguru's detox cure for weight loss you are ready in one go and you know exactly where you stand per meal: a delicious fresh juice that you drink with taste and can easily take with you everywhere. At Superfoodguru, we recommend that you start with a 3 to 5 day weight loss regimen.

Detox cure in just 3 days

When time is limited to lose a few kilos, but also when you need a quick reset, choose the 3-day detox cure from Superfoodguru! One of our bestsellers for a reason . This fasting juice cleanse is very suitable if it is the first time you are going to detox in this way. This treatment is also very nice for losing weight, so that for a special occasion you fit just a little better in that one dress for your best friend's wedding. Or to feel fitter after a period of snacking just a little too much! Would you like to know more about the 3-day detox cure ? Read our free E-book or contact us, because we are happy to help you achieve the result you want as best as possible with our super healthy juice cures!

Detox cure juices that are tasty

We advise you to take the detox juices from Superfoodguru in a quiet period. So not in the run-up to a sports match or another important moment when you want to be able to perform or want to go wild. It is also important that prior to a detox cure with juices you already phase out stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and tea. And that also applies to ready-made meals, but also sugar! And remember that you drink enough water during the detox cure so that you get rid of all waste properly. Shall we list all the benefits, why it is such a super tight plan to start with a detox cure from Superfoodguru? This is what you do it all for:

  • You will feel more energetic
  • Our juices contain no preservatives
  • These organic juices are packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Our juices are cold pressed; minerals, enzymes and vitamins are preserved
  • Your skin gets a beautiful glow
  • Lose a few pounds in a short time
  • You drain toxins from your body
  • You will eat healthier after the detox cure, just pay attention!
  • You can read our E-book for free
  • We are happy to answer all your questions
  • Our bottles are larger than average and compostable
  • We are not objective, but our treatment is super tasty!
  • And our juices are 100% organic (SKAL certified)

Take a look at our shop , order today and you will receive your tasty and nutritious detox juice cure tonight!

What is a detox cure?

A detox cure is a 1-day or multi-day cure of different juices that replaces every meal you consume in a day. The juices contain cold-pressed juice from the tastiest organically grown fruit and vegetables. The intention of the cure is that you only drink water apart from the juices and do not take any other drinks and food. Only in an extreme case to satisfy your hunger can you eat some raw, cooked vegetables, a piece of fruit or a few almonds. The goal is to give your body a boost of vitamins and minerals in a short time and to reset your body so that you get more energy and you will undoubtedly lose some weight!

What is a good detox cure?

Superfoodguru's detox cure is a good cure, because it is detoxified, fresh and composed of the very best vegetables, fruit and superfoods! Our juices are tasty and available in different varieties. If you prefer a different taste, we can adjust your box of juices for you. In addition, there is more content in our bottles and the packaging is compostable. For a good detox cure you have come to the right online address at Superfoodguru!