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Cut Down On Dairy And Caffeine For Glowing Skin: Here's What Happens

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Cut Down On Dairy And Caffeine For Glowing Skin: Here's What Happens

Cut Down On Dairy And Caffeine For Glowing Skin: Here's What Happens

Glowing skin is something we all want. Special diets, cures, creams and other tricks are constantly being tried to find out what really works for beautiful skin. Coffee and dairy appear to have a major impact on the skin. Could you use a radiant skin and are you curious what happens if you stop (or significantly reduce) consuming caffeine and dairy products? We share the benefits of avoiding dairy and caffeine in this blog.


… resulting in less acne. Acne and diet do have a major influence on each other. Certain foods have a strengthening effect on the production of sebum by sebaceous glands. As soon as the production of these glands is increased, you will also suffer more from acne. Coffee (caffeine) and dairy also affect these glands.

Coffee and acne

For most people, a cup of coffee in the morning is very common. The caffeine gives them just the energy boost they need to start the day. The effect of caffeine on the skin is a much-discussed topic, including among experts. The effect of the substance caffeine has partly the same effect as alcohol and salt: it dries out the skin. When the skin, or the body, is not sufficiently hydrated, you will see this reflected in your skin. Acne is not caused by the coffee itself, but it can make existing acne worse. Another connection between coffee and acne is that, in addition to increased alertness, caffeine also leads to a greater stress response throughout the body. Stress reactions cause more stress hormones in your body, such as cortisol. Cortisol increases the amount of fat that the sebaceous glands produce, which has a negative effect on the existing acne on your skin.

Dairy and acne

There is a link between dairy consumption and acne. Dairy products contain various hormones and substances that trigger acne (or acne-related complaints). Dairy products contain a lot more hormones than you probably think. Growth hormones, such as estrogens, progesterone and androgens (testosterone), always occur in milk. Testosterone is the culprit when it comes to acne. But in addition to testosterone, other hormones can also cause more sebum production, and therefore acne. Dairy and acne therefore do have an influence on each other. By limiting your dairy intake, or even completely stopping it, chances are that sebum production will decrease and you will suffer less from acne.


Do you suffer from an irregular cycle and don't know how to make it more regular? By cutting back on caffeine and dairy or eliminating it altogether, chances are your cycle will become a lot more regular. Of course there is not immediately a man overboard when your period is irregular, but it can cause annoying situations. With an irregular period, calculating your fertility is a lot less easy. It's nice to have regular periods so you know when your period is due. A more stable hormone balance in turn ensures a calmer skin with less acne.


If you have stopped consuming dairy and caffeine, you can make your lifestyle even healthier by starting a detox cure. In addition to a deep cleansing of the body , the 5-day detox cure also removes toxins and nourishes the body. This way your whole body is cleansed, you get a huge energy boost and you will see an improvement in your skin. Our tip: after the detox cure, continue with the diet without dairy and coffee for the best results.

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