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Hot Girl Walk: Walk Your Happy

Hot Girl Walk: Walk Your Happy

Walking will never be the same once you've tried the Hot Girl Walk. Mia Lind is at the cradle of this trend. She is an American influencer who started the hiking hype on TikTok during the pandemic. The special thing about this walking method is that it is not only about physical movement, but also about self-love. Ultimately, you should get an absolute mood boost from your walk.


You are free to walk as long and far as you like. Is 3 kilometers enough for you or do you prefer to walk more than 10 kilometers? Or do you prefer to think in terms of time and like to take 20-minute walks or long walks? It's all allowed.

So physically you are not bound to anything, but mentally you are. While walking you have to concentrate on three thoughts. You should think of nothing but:

What you are grateful for

For example, do you have a great dog, good family ties or a tasty and healthy breakfast every morning? There is often so much to be thankful for. Think about what you offer gratitude, no matter how small the subject.

What your goals are and how you will achieve them

For example, do you want to do good deeds, enrich your knowledge or get your house in order? During your walking tour, think about how you are going to handle this.

How hot you are

You can be there, because after all you play the leading role in your own life.


To help you with your thoughts, you can isolate yourself from the outside world with music. Put in your earplugs and listen to mood-boosting songs, for example. On Spotify you will find various special playlists for Hot Girl Walks that give you a positive feeling. By listening to this music, you can more easily exclude negative thoughts and think only of the here-and-now.


Being outside, physical exercise, music that makes you happy and positive thoughts: the good feeling doesn't stop when you're done walking. The positive energy of your hike can stay with you all day long. Moreover, this walking method helps to be more confident in life, which also makes you feel better.


Have you become interested in pumping yourself up with a walk? Then here are a few tips for an even better result:

Make sure you have a nice walking outfit, so that you feel really comfortable and confident in it. And as with all walks: wear good shoes. You don't get a positive feeling from blisters.

Choose a route in an environment where you feel comfortable and safe. This is the best way to surrender to your positive thoughts.

Finally, a healthy lifestyle helps you to enjoy your walk more and it is also a good booster for your mood. A quick and easy method to start living healthier is to drink organic juices every day. For example, add two or more juices to your diet every day.

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