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Walking: Healthy For Your Heart And Much More

Walking: Healthy For Your Heart And Much More

Do you like to take a firm step or do you prefer to take a relaxed walk? Whatever you do, taking a walk is healthy. Because did you know that for the health benefits you don't even have to walk that often and fast? The brains of Harvard Medical School researched the effect of walking and published the report: Walking for Health . From a healthy heart to a good mood: according to the researchers, a walk is true medicine.


A walk lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body. Walking is therefore good for your heart. In addition, diabetes and cancer are also less likely. Furthermore, walking has a positive effect on your mind. You become sharper and you feel better. Walkers would therefore also have less chance of a bad mood or depression. Furthermore, it is an ideal means to discharge the daily stress.


Do you dread walking for hours on end? Don't worry, because every moment you walk already gives you a health benefit. American research among women shows that for every minute of brisk walking, the risk of obesity was reduced by 5 percent. So do you have to walk quickly to catch the bus, get to work on time or to pick up your children from school? Then you work well on your health. Do you walk for at least 21 minutes every day? According to the makers of Walking for Health, this can already reduce the risk of heart disease by 30 percent.


With walks you can start easily and quickly. It is cheap and all you need are good shoes plus comfortable clothes. You can walk everywhere; whether it is in the pleasant center of the city or in the tranquility of a nature reserve. In addition, a walk offers the chance to meet people. For example, you also get to know your neighbors further down the road.

Get the most out of your walks: from the Four Days Marches to a Hot Girl Walk

Do you really want to get started as a walker? Then you can make it even more fun by, for example, meeting up with friends and going on a hike together. Or join a walking club and train for major walking events such as the Four Days Marches of Nijmegen. You can also turn your walks into absolute mood boosters with a Hot Girl Walk.


As you can see, a regular walk offers all kinds of benefits for body and mind. You can enhance this healthy effect by providing sufficient vitamins and minerals with organic juices. Green juices can also contribute to a healthy heart and the fight against chronic diseases. You can get it by juice fasting or by doing a detox cure .

For example, take two juices a day from one of Superfoodguru's juice packs . You can keep the juices fresh for eight days in your refrigerator at a temperature of 4 degrees. Do you want to build up a juice supply? Then immediately order a few juice packs and store them in the freezer. They can be stored in it for up to six months.

So start quickly working on the health of your body and mind and take your first walking step. In addition, order the vitamin and mineral-rich juices from Superfoodguru!

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