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6 Reasons Why Stretching Should Be Your New Good Habit

6 Reasons Why Stretching Should Be Your New Good Habit

Let's agree: don't forget to stretch daily from now on. But why then, you may ask. Stretching your muscles is important, among other things, for creating flexibility in the muscles. There are even more reasons why stretching should be part of your healthy lifestyle according to experts, take a look.


Stretching and stretching, it probably sounds familiar to you. But whether you actually do it is another matter. One thing is certain: stretching and stretching your muscles is super important. We admit, we sometimes forget to stretch and stretch before and after the workout. Therefore, a summary of why stretching is so important:


By regularly stretching and stretching, you increase the flexibility of your body.

It helps with back pain

Do you often suffer from back pain? Stretching exercises can help get rid of that nasty back pain.

It reduces stress

Stretch instead of stress. When you are stressed, you often feel it in your muscles. This is an unconscious response of the body to your physical and emotional state. Stretching exercises can help to relax parts of the body, such as the neck, upper back and shoulders.

It helps with headaches

Tension in your muscles can cause headaches. Stretching can help relieve tension in certain muscles that cause headaches.

Body posture

Muscle problems can cause unhealthy posture. Strengthening and stretching certain muscle groups can improve your posture.

Get in touch with your body

Are you not feeling well? And don't you feel a connection with your body? Stretching and stretching helps the body slow down and really feel what's going on.

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Are you ready to go through life flexibly? Where do you actually start? A 5 minute stretch a day can make a world of difference for your muscles. To make it easier, we have listed a number of stretching exercises for you that you can do in the living room:

Stretch exercise 1: Swing your arms

You can easily perform this stretching exercise from a standing position. Swing your arms together and back again. Be sure to swing your arms behind your body as well.

Stretch exercise 2: Stretch your shoulders

Start from a wide squat position. Place your hands on your thighs. Bend your knees and slowly twist your body to one side. Switch and repeat on the other side.

Stretch exercise 3: Bend forward

You perform this stretching exercise on your yoga mat. Extend your left leg in front of you, bend your right knee and bring the sole of your foot to your left leg. Stretch your arms up and fold your torso over your legs. Then alternate.

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