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Cucumber Juice: Good For Your Moisture Balance And Digestion

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Cucumber Juice: Good For Your Moisture Balance And Digestion

Cucumber Juice: Good For Your Moisture Balance And Digestion

The cucumber is not really known as a vitamin booster and is more seen as a filling for the salad. But this green fruit vegetable really deserves more appreciation. Because cucumbers have great benefits for your well-being and health. They are packed with vitamins and minerals . They also contain a lot of water. Don't like eating cucumbers every day? Then take a fresh cucumber juice and benefit from the following health benefits.

Alkaline effect: lower your acidity

Did you know that by eating and drinking you can acidify your body? This happens if you eat acid-forming foods , such as coffee, meat or eggs. On the other hand, there are also foods that de-acidify, or are alkaline. Cucumbers belong to the alkaline foods . It is important that your body does not become too acidic, because that threatens your health. So start your day with a vegetable juice with cucumbers to get you off to a good start in terms of alkaline levels.

A stimulating effect on your digestion

Smooth digestion makes you feel better and is good for your health. Cucumbers are high in fiber and moisture . These are the ingredients that your gastrointestinal system needs to function properly. So do you have a bloated belly ? Then drink that bloated feeling away with cucumber juice.

Hydrating for your body

You can get moisture not only from drinks, but also from food. Cucumbers are real champions in hydration. They consist of approximately 95 percent water .

Cucumber juice helps detoxify

Your body has to get rid of all kinds of waste and toxins every day. Cucumbers are a great help in this. Your body needs sufficient moisture for this job. But vitamins and minerals are also important. In addition, cucumbers not only provide moisture, but are also diuretic. That means they stimulate urine production, which helps flush out toxins . Cucumbers are therefore a good support for the cleansing process of your body.

Low calorie content

Another advantage of cucumbers is that they are low in calories . And yet they are filling because of their moisture content and fiber. So if you want to watch your weight, this fruit vegetable can help you with that.


With so many benefits, you will want to start drinking cucumber juices quickly. But it can be even better! Take juices in which this fruit vegetable is processed with other fruits and vegetables . This way you also benefit from the health benefits of the other ingredients.


At Superfoodguru we have a range of healthy organic juices with cucumber. For example, opt for the low-fruit Veggie Cappuccino . This smooth juice is nice and mild and ideal when you start juicing. The Magic Moringa is also good for starters. In addition to fruit and vegetables, the superfoods moringa and chlorella have also been added to this juice. Do you like green and spicy? Then the Die Hard Green is the right juice for you. Do you prefer a sweet aftertaste? Then try our Pineapple Paradiso !

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