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Lemon: A sour fruit full of good properties for your skin

Lemon: A sour fruit full of good properties for your skin

One of the methods for a more beautiful facial skin is to rub lemon juice on it. But that is not without risks. Fortunately, drinking lemon juice is a healthy alternative. In addition, the juice has even more positive effects than a healthy complexion. Therefore quickly discover the benefits of the tasty and healthy lemon drinks from Superfoodguru!


From the outside, lemons can promote your beauty in several ways. The juice removes dead skin cells, reduces the production of skin fat and promotes the production of collagen. The properties of the citrus fruit also counteract inflammation and promote an even complexion.

The risks of lemon on your skin

The juice of lemons can have unpleasant consequences in combination with sunlight. It makes your skin more sensitive to photosynthesis, making you more likely to get a sunburn. Your facial skin can also become dry and irritated because the fruit's acid affects your skin layer.

You can avoid the side effects by protecting your face from the sun with a good sunscreen or a cap/hat. It also helps to mix lemon with another ingredient for a face mask. For example, honey has a soothing effect, but coconut yogurt is also kind to your facial skin.

Is all that mixing of ingredients too much of a hassle for you? Then you can buy ready-made facial products that contain lemons. These are often safe to use.


The easiest and safest is to drink lemon juice. This way the vitamin C can do its job optimally from the inside and ensure a more beautiful facial skin. Moreover, vitamin C has many more fine properties for your body. Among other things, it increases your resistance and protects you against diseases. Now a sip of juice from the yellow citrus fruit is very sour. Therefore, mix it with tea or water. You can also sprinkle the juice over a salad or a hot dish. Note: if you drink a lot of drinks with lemon juice, use a straw. Otherwise, your tooth enamel can be damaged in the long run.


Do you want a delicious fresh and healthy lemon juice without peeling and pressing? Then take a look at the range of Superfoodguru. Here you will find the popular ones Burn Man . In addition to the sour citrus fruit, it also contains orange and apple. For an extra powerful taste, we have added ginger, turmeric and black pepper to this drink. Want a slightly more subtle aftertaste? Dilute the Burning Man then with water.

Another lemon variety from Superfoodguru is the Burning Rescue Shot . In addition to the yellow citrus fruit, this spicy pick-me-up consists of lime, ginger, turmeric and black pepper. Tip: do you add hot water to this? Then you have a delicious ginger lemon tea.

So quickly ensure beautiful facial skin from the inside and order Burning Man or Burning Rescue Shot in our webshop!

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