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Weaning From Sugar? You Will Experience These 4 Benefits Guaranteed

Afkicken Van Suiker? Deze 4 Voordelen Ervaar Je Gegarandeerd
Weaning From Sugar? You Will Experience These 4 Benefits Guaranteed

Weaning From Sugar? You Will Experience These 4 Benefits Guaranteed

Did you start a sugar detox this year as a good intention, or have you heard people around you about it? Detoxing sugar is extremely popular, and for good reason. Giving up sugar can be tricky, but it's anything but impossible. Have you ever thought about the results of a sugar detox? We list the benefits of a sugar detox for you.


A sugar detox is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. As soon as you reduce your intake of sugar or even stop it completely, you will notice changes in your body in no time.

More energy in your body

But sugar does give more energy, we hear you think now. Yes, a little bit of sugar in your blood is needed as fuel for your body. Because there is so much sugar in products nowadays, you quickly get a surplus of sugar. This surplus ensures that your energy level goes down. A diet without sugar gives you a surge of energy and you no longer suffer from the well-known 'sugar dip'.

Weight loss

Rehabbing sugar ensures that your body is much better able to regulate your weight. Losing weight is not the goal of this detox for most people, but it is certainly an additional benefit during the sugar withdrawal. Women often lose weight around the waist, buttocks and hips with a sugar detox.

A radiant skin

Do you suffer from acne, skin that ages quickly or other skin conditions? With a diet without sugar, your skin will improve quickly. As soon as you eat a lot of sugar, the glucose level in your blood rises. This stimulates the production of insulin, and insulin ensures that the production of androgens (hormone) is stimulated. The hormone causes an increasing sebaceous gland production, which makes you suffer from acne.

Because the blood sugar in your body rises quickly, the sugar attaches to the collagen in the skin. This makes the collagen less elastic and stiffer. The result? Less supple skin and more wrinkles at an earlier age.

A calm tummy

Nowadays it seems normal to have a bloated feeling and some stomach nausea now and then. But this has never been normal and it is not now. A diet without sugar ensures a calm, non-bloated stomach. Sugar can cause inflammatory reactions that cause complaints in the abdomen. A sugar detox will contribute to a calmer and flatter stomach.


Do you also want to get rid of sugar and have you become enthusiastic about starting a detox? This 7-day detox cure is a liquid detox program and replaces all your meals. The 42 bottles of fresh organic cold-pressed juices deeply cleanse and nourish the body. A great detox cure for the experienced 'detoxer'. If you prefer not to have fruit sugars, even if these are natural unrefined sugars, then opt for a green 7-day detox cure.

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