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Feel Good With Fiber

Feel Good With Fiber

Dietary fiber is a must for your well-being, health and appearance. Why? Because good digestion ensures that valuable nutrients are optimally absorbed by your body. And if your intestines need something to do their job properly, it's fiber!


Dietary fibers are the particles in your diet that enter your large intestine undigested. This means that this organ has to work extra hard, making the entire digestive process go more smoothly.

A fiber deficiency: the consequences: little energy and a weakened immune system

If you eat too little dietary fiber, you will notice this in your body. For example, you may have an unstable energy level that peaks and falls. Or maybe you're just tired. Furthermore, your appearance deteriorates rapidly, because your skin becomes pale and flaky or your hair becomes brittle and dry. But the most important reason to ensure a fiber-rich diet is that a fiber deficiency weakens your immune system. Diseases and infections then get a chance and that's the last thing you want.


More energy, radiant skin, shiny hair, easy bowel movements, but above all an immune system that tackles hostile intruders in your body: you probably want to add more dietary fiber to your daily menu. You can find them in abundance in plant-based foods. Whole-grain products such as brown rice, oatmeal and rye bread are top suppliers. But you can also find dietary fiber in nuts, vegetables, legumes and fruit. To more

To eat dietary fiber, you need a lot of plant-based food.

In addition to making you look and feel better, dietary fiber also ensures that you are satiated earlier and longer. This is beneficial for maintaining a good weight or losing weight. You are less likely to snack or you simply eat less of your meal.


For a well-functioning digestive system, an adult needs about 30 grams of dietary fiber every day. Are you not getting this by a long shot? Then don't stock up on high-fiber products. A sudden and generous increase in dietary fiber could confuse your gut. So build it up and take a few weeks for it. Also make sure you drink enough water, because that is also important for good intestinal function.

Do you want to eat more dietary fiber? For example, replace unhealthy snacks with fruit or nuts. Or add extra vegetables to your diet by having a salad for lunch. You can also gradually replace white flour foods with whole grain products.

Give your body a healthy boost with fiber and natural fruit and vegetable juices

You get extra benefits from a higher fiber intake with fruit and vegetable juices. Now that your body is more easily able to absorb healthy nutrients, you can give them with a juice on a silver platter. So combine your oatmeal breakfast with a rich low-fruit juice or enrich your lunch with a tasty fruit juice such as Strawberry Fields Forever from Superfoodguru. With us you will find a generous selection of all kinds of healthy and tasty juices, so quickly discover your favorite taste!

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