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Do You Have Dry Hair: Eat More Vitamin C

Do You Have Dry Hair: Eat More Vitamin C

Does your hair fluff, does it tangle quickly or is it dull? Then you most likely have dry hair. One cause may be a lack of vitamin C. This vitamin, also called ascorbic acid, is a true beauty vitamin. It not only gives your hair shine, but also your skin.

Special vitamin-rich hair products can help you restore your hair. But don't forget your nutrition either. Because from the inside, your body works hard on beautiful facial skin and ditto hair. C vitamins play a real star role in this.


Vitamin C is literally the basis of healthy hair. This vitamin is also an antioxidant and protects your hair follicles, or hair follicles, against free radicals. These can damage the hair follicles, making your hair dry and dull. Free radicals can also cause your hair to age faster due to the damage they do .

As a hair vitamin, C has even more good properties. The nutrient also produces collagen. This glue-forming protein is very important for healthy skin and hair. In addition, it promotes the absorption of iron, which is an important mineral for a full head of hair. An iron deficiency can lead to more hair loss.


With a dry head of hair, it is therefore a good idea to ensure that you eat or drink more hair vitamins. Citrus fruits, various berries and cabbages are good sources of ascorbic acid, among others.

But eating enough fruit and vegetables every day is not always possible, for example due to a busy job or study. You can then take extra vitamin pills, but you can also opt for the organic and vitamin-rich drinks from Superfoodguru. For example, take one of these juices rich in C vitamins:

Orange is The New Black

This juice owes its cheerful orange-yellow color to the ingredients mango, orange and carrot. The beautiful color and soft taste are also boosted by Indian turmeric, celery and black pepper.

Pineapple Paradise

Pineapple is also a fruit bursting with ascorbic acid. And let that be one of the main ingredients of the Pineapple Paradiso . Furthermore, apple, celery, cucumber and mint give this drink a delicious fresh bite.

Burn Man

Orange, lemon and Granny Smith apple, combined with the powerful taste of ginger, turmeric and black pepper make Burning Man a real pick-me-up.

Burn Rescue Shot

Do you need an even more powerful boost? Then choose the Burning Rescue Shot : a drink rich in ginger. Furthermore, lime, lemon, turmeric and black pepper give this shot its spicy taste.

Do you want to take good care of your hair through nutrition? Then take one or more of the above drinks daily. You can do this by starting a detox cure and going on a juice fast . For example, start your day well with a juice at breakfast or drink a juice as a snack in the afternoon. Your hair will love it!

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