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Ease Your Digestion With The Right Drinks

Ease Your Digestion With The Right Drinks

Good digestion is the basis of your health. But what else can you do than eat fiber-rich foods, get plenty of exercise, and chew slowly? That's drinking the right drinks . Because there are a few copies that help your stomach and intestinal system with their work, so that you feel lighter and fitter. These are all benefits of juice fasting or doing a detox cure .


Apple cider vinegar, also known as apple cider vinegar, is made from fermented apples, making it beneficial for your gastrointestinal system. The fermentation provides probiotics. These are the so-called good intestinal bacteria, which creates a healthier intestinal flora and your digestion runs more smoothly. Furthermore , apple cider vinegar has a high acidity, which makes it easier to break down food in your stomach.

However, there are also a few downsides to apple cider vinegar. The high acidity can damage your tooth enamel and esophagus. That is why it is best to drink this drink with a lot of water. Mix up to two teaspoons of the vinegar in a glass of water, stir it well and drink it. If you take apple cider vinegar often, it's also a good idea to use a straw. This is how you protect your tooth enamel To have the maximum possible effect on your digestion, it is best to drink the vinegar before your meal.


Do you want to help your intestines with probiotics in a different way? Then you can also opt for kombucha . This is a sugary tea that is fermented with acetic acid bacteria and yeast cultures. For some, it takes some getting used to the taste. But if you like it, kombucha is a nice finish to your meal.

Pamper your stomach and intestines with tea

Do you like to drink tea? Then you can also help your stomach and intestinal system. For example, fresh mint tea has a relaxing effect on your intestines. This makes it easier for your body to process the food. Furthermore, mint tea can cause less gas formation, so that you are less bothered by your meal. Did you eat a hearty dish? Then drink a cup of ginger tea afterwards. Ginger stimulates the production of bodily fluids that are necessary for digestion, such as saliva, bile and gastric juice. As a result, ginger tea helps you to suffer less from a heavy stomach.


Do you prefer to support your digestion with a high dose of nutrients? Then take a vegetable juice daily. At Superfoodguru you will find plenty of options. For example, start with our Green Lover Pack with four different types of juices. This way you can find out which one you like best. This package is also useful if you like to vary. Or choose a specific juice from our range of vegetable juices . For example, we have the fresh Slim Fit Fusion . Or go super green and drink the Magic Moringa . A delicious mild green juice is Veggie Cappuccino which, just like our Die Hard Green , contains ginger, which your stomach and intestinal system will appreciate even more. You can also reset your digestive system with one of our green juice detox cures.

So if you want to help your digestive tract, there are plenty of options. Do you opt for one of our green juices? Then you immediately give your body a boost of vitamins and minerals!

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