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Can Yoga Slow The Aging Process?

Can Yoga Slow The Aging Process?

Let's face it: who looks forward to getting old and wrinkly? For years, research has been conducted into ways in which we can grow old healthy and fit or even slow down the aging process. New research seems to indicate that yoga and meditation may help slow down the aging process. How is that exactly? We explain.

Can Yoga Slow The Aging Process?


Elizabeth Blackburn received the Nobel Prize in Science for her research into the relationship between aging, DNA and lifestyle. Think about the plastic cap on the end of your shoelace that prevents fraying. Telomeres are similar protective caps at the end of our DNA that protect your chromosomes. Does the telomere on your DNA crumble or shorten? It also shortens your lifespan.

Our body cells automatically shrink as you get older. However, bad lifestyle habits, such as smoking, stress, an unhealthy diet and too little exercise, can accelerate this process. Conversely, Elizabeth Blackburn showed that yoga and mindfulness can actually lengthen telomeres after just four to six months.


For a long time it was believed that your genes determine your destiny. Do you have bad genes? Then you're just out of luck! Fortunately, recent scientific research shows that we probably have more control over our genes than originally thought.

Your body regulates which genes in your tissues are turned on or off. More and more scientists are convinced that healthy genetic activity can help slow down the aging process. For example, the following activities have a positive influence on your genes:

  • Eating methyl-rich foods, such as beets , onions, garlic and dark leafy greens

  • Exercise, such as walking and yoga

  • Meditation

  • Social interaction in a community

  • Self-expression and self-compassion


You have so many things to do, but too little time in your busy schedule. Who doesn't recognize it? Nowadays it is difficult to completely eliminate stress from your daily life. Yet yoga and meditation can help you deal with this in a different way.

Yoga and meditation help you respond to events and thoughts in a constructive way. This not only improves your emotional health, but also your physical health.

Do you want to create well-being, happiness and a healthy, long life? Then make sure you think about what is really important to you. Meditation and yoga will help you with this. Make choices. Set intentions and goals for yourself. When you put your own priorities first when making decisions, you experience much more peace and happiness. With this attitude and a lifestyle full of healthy food and exercise you help yourself to grow old gracefully.

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