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Vascobelo Nomahouse: Coffee, Juice and Salad on the Zuidas

There is a hotspot on the Amsterdam Zuidas where they serve delicious coffee, where you can enjoy a good lunch and where you can get our super juices: Vascobelo Nomahouse . A hip Brasserie where you can enjoy a relaxed lunch in a super nice atmosphere. You feel welcome and in the attractively decorated V-bar nothing stands in the way of enjoying all the delicious dishes on the menu. Although there are not only vegan choices on the menu, you are given the space to adjust the non-vegan choices to taste. Vegan friendliness at its best! Also take a look at our juice fasting or detox cure options.


You will not only find Vascobelo on the trendy Zuidas. V-bars can be found at several hotspot locations in our capital. You can also enjoy the delicious Vascobelo coffee and dishes in other Dutch cities. For example in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Hilversum and ( last but not least ) in The Hague.


Do you opt for a high-quality cup of coffee? It will come as no surprise that they serve coffee in the V-bar Vascobelo. Prefer a cappuccino, latte or flat white? All possible, fortunately they also have soy or oat milk. And if you prefer a cold pressed juice, you can choose our Veggie Cappuccino 2 , Feel the Beet 3 , Orange is the New Black 6 or Burning Man 7 . These kinds of choices make lunch just that little bit more fun, right?


Are you a fan of bread? At Vascobelo they may also have gluten-free bread. Combine this with hummus, avocado, pomegranate, arugula and sesame seeds and you have an excellent vegan bam on your plate. Although, at Vascobelo they call this a sandwich . If you prefer a different lunch, ask for the soup of the day or choose a salad or Vascobelo Vegetarian Burger . If you want, you can have it “veganized”. The salad with roasted vegetables, mushrooms, spinach, pomegranate, walnuts and balsamic should then be made "goat cheese-less". The VV burger is of course also excellent without a bun and truffle mayo. As long as they stay away from Belgian fries! Are you still hungry? You can always order a salad with little gem as a side dish or a mix of black, green and Kalamata olives. In this way you can turn the midday meal into a delicious and extensive moment of enjoyment that you can then live off for the rest of your working day. Unless you don't feel like sitting behind your desk after such a great lunch and you prefer to take the afternoon off… Understandable!

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