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Seven ways your appearance is affected by what you eat

Zeven manieren waarop je uiterlijk wordt beïnvloed door wat je eet

Seven ways your appearance is affected by what you eat

Did you know that what you eat strongly influences both your appearance and your inner self? Healthy eating is incredibly important for your entire system. So not just to lose weight. It defines who you are, you are what you eat!
Making the right food choices has the same priority as getting enough exercise and adequate calorie intake. These choices can make a huge difference to your appearance.
We give you seven tips to support your beauty with healthy food choices:

Weight control

    In general, unprocessed foods are healthy. We're talking fresh (or frozen) fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plant-based protein sources like tofu and soy. Not only unprocessed and healthy, but also rich in fiber and nutrients.

    If you choose fiber-rich food combined with proteins, you will feel satisfied for longer, making you less likely to snack and snack. Useful if you want to lose weight, sensible if you want to maintain your weight.

    Shiny locks

      The condition of your hair says a lot about your health. To prevent hair loss and scalp problems as much as possible, you should preferably eat a lot of nuts, seeds and fruit.
      Eat mostly oranges and strawberries. If you find this difficult, choose organic fruit juice.

      Radiating skin

      Avoid refined sugar if you want youthful and glowing skin. In spite of everything!
      Refined sugar attaches to collagen (the substance that provides the elasticity of your skin) and breaks it down. This creates fine lines and wrinkles.
      You also drink a lot of water and avoid products made from white flour.

      Clear eyes

        Unhealthy diet can make your eyes look tired and lack their usual beauty. For example, eat spinach, kale, peas or pumpkin. These foods are rich in carotenoids and support the health of your eyes.

        Healthy lips

          Cracked lips are not pretty to look at. Stop spending money on expensive lip glosses and creams and start moisturizing.
          You get beautiful lips by drinking plenty of water, avoiding caffeine and salty foods. Eat almonds, broccoli and chia seeds. These have a positive effect on the condition of your lips.

          A flatter stomach

            Unhealthy eating can lead to a bloated stomach and constipation. Help your digestion and reduce the size of your belly through a healthy diet.
            Eat fiber-rich foods such as bran or wheat germ and stick to the recommended 250 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of fruit per day.

            A young appearance

              Foods that contain antioxidants help your body scavenge free radicals. This gives them no chance to damage your cells. Make sure you get enough antioxidants.
              Choose dark chocolate (from 70% pure), avocados, artichokes, strawberries and raspberries. Eat a daily portion of whole grains, legumes and use olive oil in salads and cooking.

              Although alcohol is not recommended, it is good to know that red wine contains twice as many antioxidants than white wine. But drink lots of water.
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