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Anatomy has to do with the structure of something. How is it built and what parts does it consist of. This can be a human or an animal and, in this case, a perfect salad. With superfoods that is. The perfect anatomy of a superfood salad. Or was the superfood salad perfect? Whatever the case, at Urban Salad Zuidas in Amsterdam they know how to make such a tasty superfood salad. Their menu is full of them.

Urban Salad also outside Amsterdam

Not only the salads with superfood have a delicious composition and structure, the Amsterdam hotspot itself has also found the ultimate concept. In addition to delicious salads, they also make superfood wraps, various superfood soups and yes, of course they also have our superfood guru juices. You can pick up these tasty healthy dishes in various places (you can also sit inside!). You will find Urban Salad bars in Utrecht and Rotterdam (where they also deliver at home, just like in Amsterdam), but you will also find salads with superfoods in Marqt branches.

The vegan Superfood salads from Urban Salad

Although there are no standard vegan salads on the menu, you can count on almost every salad to be vegan. You can change and mix & match the salads until the most perfect anatomy you think is achieved. And the good thing is that all salads are already full of superfood ingredients as standard. So you only have to indicate which items can be removed. For example, you can order the Urban Beef without beef and you can also skip the chicken with the Asian Chicken . You can leave the Iron Energy unchanged. This is a delicious combination of spinach, white cabbage, broccoli, quinoa, cranberries, grapes, raisins and walnuts. And with the Detox Delicious you only have to omit the goat cheese. But believe us, you won't miss it in the spinach, red and white cabbage, beetroot, cucumber, broccoli and carrot.

More vegan salads at Urban Salad Zuidas

Other special urban salads that you can have made vegan include the Gado Gado. Skip the boiled egg and opt for tempeh instead of chicken thighs. You still have a complete, anatomically perfect urban salad. This also applies to the Pecan Pumpkin. If you put the goat cheese aside with this salad, you are left with a super combination of spinach, kale, red cabbage, grilled pumpkin, lentil apple and pecan nuts. A salad full of superfoods… bon appetit!

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