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Less Toxic Substances In Your Beauty Regimen Makes For A Stronger Immune System

Minder Giftige Stoffen In Je Schoonheidsregime Zorgt Voor Een Sterker Immuunsysteem

Fewer toxins in your beauty regimen ensures a stronger immune system

Your immune system fights harmful elements your body is exposed to. In recent decades, this exposure to harmful substances has increased enormously. Modern life puts your immune system to the test. Your body is not only more exposed to contaminants, recent research also shows that toxic substances remain in your body longer. Even years after exposure.
To keep your immune system afloat, it is important that you work proactively to limit exposure to toxic substances. In this blog post, we'll look at the two most effective ways to do this: Redesigning your beauty regimen and eating clean.

A beauty regime and skin care without toxins

Unfortunately, most ready-to-use cosmetics and personal (skin care) products are full of toxins. So when you start your healthy, organic lifestyle, you read a lot of labels and avoid products that contain the following substances:
  • Parabens… these are used to artificially extend the shelf life of a product. However, their artificially lengthening properties also apply to your skin and body tissues. Parabens alter the production of estrogen. This is associated with a higher risk of developing cancer.
  • Watch out for ingredients that contain the words propyl, methyl, ethyl, or butyl.
  • Sulfates… Sulfates build up over time and can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. If a product foams or bubbles, it is likely that it contains sulfates.
  • PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)... PEGs are a group of substances, some of which are carcinogenic.
  • Aluminium... prolonged exposure to this toxic metal can cause serious damage to the brain, liver and lungs.

The list of toxic ingredients doesn't stop there. We advise you to bookmark this site so that you can refer to it whenever you come across an unknown ingredient or additive.

The importance of clean eating

In addition to the toxins present in skin care and personal care products, many foods also contain harmful chemicals. For example, the use of pesticides is increasing worldwide and that has an effect on your health. These effects range from mood disorders to cancer and Parkinson's disease. For these reasons, it is also wise to avoid dyes, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.
We are what we eat, so don't underestimate the importance of eating organic and whole foods. These help strengthen the immune system and boost the body's natural ability to protect and heal itself.

SuperfoodGuru is all about facilitating a nutritious and clean diet based on whole foods. You can rest assured that our juices contain all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. We can guarantee this because they:
  • Being cold pressed.
  • Be freshly produced.
  • Be certified organic.
  • We also do not use HPP, pasteurization or Shockfreeze techniques.

All this ensures that you get the maximum amount of nutrients from each ingredient. Do you want your natural defense system to act like a bulletproof vest? Then order one of our juice packages.
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