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Let your muscles recover after exercise with turmeric

Let your muscles recover after exercise with turmeric

Exercising is wonderful and also good for your body. But just as important as the training is a good recovery of your muscles. You do this, among other things, by providing the right nutrients after you exercise. Turmeric, also known as Indian turmeric or turmeric, is an excellent ingredient because it has the right properties for after your workout.


Indian turmeric is the rhizome of the Curcuma longa plant. The root somewhat resembles ginger, but the color is, as the name suggests, more yellow. The resemblance to ginger is not surprising, because the Curcuma longa is related to the ginger plant.

Turmeric is widely eaten in Asia and the Middle East. Not only does the herb add extra flavor to the food, but it also provides a beautiful yellow color. So do you like cheerfulness on the table? Then cook with the Indian turmeric.


In addition to being a seasoning, Indian turmeric is also known as a healthy herb. The root contains curcumin. This substance has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the growth of bacteria and is an antioxidant.

For athletes, the Indian turmeric has an extra bonus. Koenjit helps with a faster recovery of the muscles after a workout. In addition, the herb has an analgesic effect that counteracts muscle pain. Indian turmeric is therefore ideal for a post-workout.


If you don't provide a good post-workout, or a drink or snack with the necessary nutrients for muscle recovery, you can walk around with muscle pain for days. A lack of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can also cause injuries.

As a result, your sports performance deteriorates, you miss training sessions or you have a lot of problems with your muscles in daily life. Fortunately, you don't have to make your own nutritious post-workout drinks, but you can take advantage of Superfoodguru's ready-to-use Burning Rescue shot . This nutritious drink is somewhat similar to the drinks used during juice fasting and the detox cure .

Burning rescue shot: a sophisticated combination for after your workout

In addition to Indian turmeric , Burning Rescue shot has even more fine ingredients for your muscles. For example, it contains ginger that also helps against muscle pain and also counteracts stomach and intestinal complaints. The latter may be necessary if you have trained intensively.

You will also find black pepper in Burning Rescue shot, which enhances the effect of the Indian yellow root. In addition, black pepper helps with the elimination of toxins, which also makes you feel better after sports training.

So you can easily get the benefits of the Indian yellow root from the super healthy Burning Rescue shot from Superguru. This drink also contains lime and lemon that provide even more vitamins and give an extra tasty taste. So make sure you enjoy sports to the fullest and let your muscles recover with Burning Rescue shot.

You can easily buy this spicy drink through our webshop. Feel free to order more, because you can freeze Burning Rescue shot . This way you always have a supply for your post-workout recovery!

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