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What Is Spirulina, Chlorella + Chlorophyll - And Why Do You Need It?

What Is Spirulina, Chlorella + Chlorophyll - And Why Do You Need It?

Superfoods Spirulina, chlorella and chlorophyll do a lot of good in your body. They are essential nutrients, green in color and contribute to an extra efficient detox. It is therefore no coincidence that these super ingredients have been incorporated into our Die Hard Green and Blue Protection Shot . What makes these plant-based super substances so special? We're going to explain it to you.


This supernutrient is a type of algae and is processed into a powder. In this form it is added to smoothies, juices or other healthy superfoods. Although scientific research on the health benefits of Chlorella is behind, for example, the last in our list, we know from the experiences of others that it supports your body during a detox cure.

It also contains proteins, carotene, astaxanthin and B vitamins. In fact, Chlorella supplements contain B12, making them one of the few vegan sources of this important vitamin.


This super fabric is the green pigment that occurs in plants, vegetables and algae. The two algae that are discussed in this blog article also contain this substance. Chlorophyll is extremely effective when you do a detox. It binds to toxins and prevents them from being absorbed by your body. This also applies to Chlorella powder. Both substances have been shown to cause the liver to absorb less of the toxin aflatoxin. It turns out that the excretion of this toxin in the stool is higher when you supplement with Chlorophyll and Chlorella powder or capsules.

Chlorophyll supplements also help reduce unhealthy chemicals in meat from causing damage to your body. Spinach and other leafy vegetables also help you with this. This is probably also a reason why researchers do not always find the same results when looking for links between eating red meat and health problems. In one study, if the meat is accompanied by a generous portion of leafy green vegetables, the toxins are rendered harmless. If the other research is not accompanied by green leafy vegetables, then harmful substances have more free rein.

Another very pleasant property of Chlorophyll superfood is that it has a beneficial effect on your body odor. At least, reducing it. It helps your body get rid of trimethylamine (TMA). TMA can cause you to get a very unpleasant body odor or make your stool smell out of proportion. Supplementing with Chlorophyll capsules or powder can therefore be very welcome for people who suffer from unpleasant body odour.


The last algae in our list of super supplements is Spirulina . This is by far the most scientific research done. We know that this algae also contains proteins, B vitamins and astaxanthin. Furthermore, research proves that cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar levels benefit greatly from this superalgae. Anti-inflammatory effects also appear to occur as soon as Spirulina powder or Spirulina supplements are used.

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