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To measure is to know: the rise of the smart scale

To measure is to know: the rise of the smart scale

Technology can no longer be ignored in our daily lives. The smart thermostat, refrigerator, car or smart TV, who doesn't know them? The scale also keeps up with the times, and more and more people are opting for a smart scale. Do you also want more control over your health? In this blog we tell you how a smart scale can help.


Have you set certain fitness goals for yourself or do you want to keep an eye on the physical state of your body? Technology is then increasingly used for this, including the smart scale. This digital device not only measures your weight, but also your body composition.

The scale sends this information to an app on your smartphone. This way you not only read what your weight is, but you also discover, for example, what your BMI, body fat percentage and fat-free mass are. This scale also provides insight into your visceral fat values ​​and your metabolic age: the physical age of your body.

Visceral fat values

Your belly fat is of two types. The subcutaneous fat is located between your abdominal muscles and your skin, so you can grab it well. The abdominal fat in your abdominal cavity is also known as visceral fat. This deeper fat protects your organs against external shocks and is therefore indispensable. The Body Mass Index (BMI) gives a good indication of your visceral fat values.

The excess visceral fat causes your abdominal wall to push outward, giving you a fat, bloated belly. For example, fat affects your hormones, organs, energy, appetite and weight, but too high visceral values ​​can also lead to health problems. Think of diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's and breast and colon cancer.

With a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and a balanced lifestyle, you can burn the dangerous visceral fat.


Smart technology offers the possibility to monitor a certain progress over time. For example, do you start with a certain diet or a workout routine? Then the statistics from your smart scale will show over time whether your lifestyle has the desired effect. Do you see your weight, body composition or BMI changing? Super! Then that naturally motivates you to keep up your training schedule or diet.

This is how a smart scale helps you achieve your fitness goals. You will also discover whether certain changes in your lifestyle are having the right effect. For example, do you train more than usual, but you don't see any results on the scale? While this might normally be demotivating, your digital scale provides meaningful insight. Perhaps your fat percentage has indeed decreased, but in return you have gained more muscle mass. Good news, anyway. With a smart scale, you always have valuable information about your body.

Get started with a healthy lifestyle, metabolic age and reduction of visceral fat levels

Are you convinced of the usefulness of a smart scale? Top! Then you are ready for the next step. A scale is, of course, just a tool: by measuring, you'll know if you're on your way to a healthy metabolic age and reduced visceral fat levels. But to achieve this, the healthy lifestyle still has to come from within yourself.

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