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Six beauty benefits of drinking green juices daily

Zes schoonheidsvoordelen van dagelijks groene juices drinken

Six beauty benefits of drinking green juices daily

At Superfoodguru we are big fans of green juices. You are probably already aware of the benefits to your inner health and outer beauty that come with a diet that includes more raw, organic vegetables.

And while we usually start a fresh start with better choices with the best of intentions, the hustle and bustle of everyday life often throws a spanner in the works. It's just quite a challenge to permanently optimize your diet. Pressing the right vegetables is the solution.

Juicing means you can pack an entire plate of raw organic vegetables into 1 delicious drink. And besides boosting your health, adding vegetable juice to your daily diet also brings significant beauty benefits:

  1. A naturally radiant complexion.

Thanks to the antioxidants in your green juice, your skin will glow with a healthy, vibrant, natural glow. Another benefit is that green juices promote beneficial microorganisms in your gut. In this way they contribute to the fight against infectious germs and diseases.
  1. More energy and better mental focus

Vegetable juices contain essential nutrients that your body needs. They also help you stay hydrated - and optimal hydration is the secret to looking and feeling great!
Vegetable juice is usually based on large amounts of leafy greens such as kale, spinach or broccoli. In short, a wealth of minerals and vitamins. You immediately notice an energy boost! But this won't be a short term "sugar rush" like you might experience after drinking an energy drink or cola. It's a real boost of energy that helps you focus better and face the challenges of your day.
  1. Stronger teeth and bones

If your diet contains a lot of red meat and sugary foods, acid is released. As a result, a lot of calcium is lost. Calcium is needed for healthy teeth and bones. One of the long-term beauty benefits of juicing vegetables is that they are naturally alkaline. They counteract excess acid so your body can retain and use valuable calcium and other minerals to build stronger bones and teeth.
  1. A natural detox

Vegetable juices are great for detoxing. They allow organs to rid themselves of the toxins and waste that accumulate over time. Your digestion becomes more effective and unpleasant bloating disappears. A juice detox is an excellent way to get a slimmer figure and glowing skin, allowing your natural beauty to shine.
  1. A slimmer figure

Vegetable juice is not only packed with valuable nutrition, but it also gives a feeling of satisfaction. For example, the desire for a snack decreases when you drink vegetable juice. Unhealthy snacking and having to contend with weight gain as a result also becomes a lot less.
Low in calories but high in nutritional value, green juices are a valuable part of a weight loss program.
  1. Ready to start!

Juice in a bottle is the perfect addition to a busy life! You can enjoy Superfoodguru's Die Hard Green 11 juice anytime, anywhere. The recipe is based on delicious organic vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, celery, carrot and cucumber, along with superfoods wheatgrass and spirulina, while lime, ginger and parsley add a spicy nuance.
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