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What is juice fasting detox?

Ever heard of juice fasting detox? This is a juice cleanse of one or more days, also known as a liquid detox program. The juices replace all your meals during the treatment. You drink about six juices per day. So you won't go hungry!

How does a juice fast detox work?

A juice fasting detox cure replaces all your meals, but this certainly does not mean that you lack nutrients. The organic detox juices are packed with organic vegetables, fruit and fresh herbs. The juices deeply cleanse and nourish the body.
You can choose how long you want to do the detox. If this is your first time, or you just want to have a detox day in between to balance your body again, we recommend the one and a half day detox course. This is mainly used as maintenance and as a supplement to your healthy lifestyle. If you have done a detox before, you can opt for three, five or seven days.

If you still find it a bit exciting to follow a full detox, there is another option: The Three Days Reset!. This is the perfect clean eating plan. This cure is used to reset your body. And the good thing is that you can eat right next to it. This is therefore ideal for practicing before you want to do a complete detox!

What are the benefits of juice fasting detox?

There are many benefits to a juice fast detox. It removes all waste and it feeds your body with the right nutrients. This makes you feel much more energetic after a detox. The removal of all toxins frees your body to focus on other functions. Your body has more energy for other things!

Removing toxins from your body not only provides more energy, but you will also notice that your skin will glow more and you will get a better night's sleep. Too many toxins affect the functioning of your kidneys, intestines and even your brain function.

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