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New Year's resolutions: How can a juice detox boost a healthy lifestyle?

Goede Voornemens: Hoe Kan Een Sap Detox Een Gezonde Levensstijl Stimuleren?
New Year's resolutions: How can a juice detox boost a healthy lifestyle?

New Year's resolutions: How can a juice detox boost a healthy lifestyle?

The new year has already started for a while, and many people are still well on their way with their New Year's resolutions. Many resolutions are about eating healthier, losing weight and being more aware of the planet. Resolutions from previous years were often about 'eating less', while we have just found out that this is not as healthy as we thought. Instead of cutting down on food, we encourage each other to consume more healthy meals. More fiber and proteins, but especially more vegetables and a juice detox from time to time. Healthy eating is good for both your physical and mental condition. But what are the people with the healthiest lifestyles doing differently this year?


Detoxing, or detoxing, is cleansing the body of waste and toxins. With detox you think of fasting, a special detox cure, supplements, sports and drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. A fresh start for your body sounds useful. In this blog we share the most used methods of this year to detox.


The use of protein shakes has been extremely popular for years. The disadvantage of protein shakes is that they contain virtually no minerals and vitamins. By turning this shake into a smoothie, you can transform the shake into a healthy juice for a juice detox in no time. An energy boost that your body tells you to. You make smoothies the way you want them: you choose your own ingredients so that you are sure that you will like the smoothie tasteful and delicious. You can also, by choosing your own ingredients, compose the smoothie according to the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

The Die Hard Green Juice

Don't feel like making a smoothie yourself, but do you want a boost of minerals and vitamins in your body? Then combine our Die Hard Green Juice with an avocado. By simply blending these together, you can enjoy a healthy smoothie in no time.


With a juice detox of 3 days you give your body a gentle cleanse. With a detox cure you not only support your body, but also your mind. This is how you detox in a healthy and responsible way. With the juice detox cure of 3 days you replace all your meals and drink a total of 18 bottles of fresh organic cold-pressed juices. The cure if you are starting a juice detox cure for the first time, or if you don't have much time and go for a quick reset. Are you going to a wedding or other special occasion soon? Your skin will get a beautiful glow in no time.

Remember that detoxing isn't always about food. There are many ways to detox. Experts say that in addition to changing diets and going for a juice detox, focusing on sleep patterns, meditations and phone use is also very important.

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