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Exercise Better By Resting Enough

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Exercise Better By Resting Enough

Exercise Better By Resting Enough

Fanatic athletes sometimes want to miss out on sufficient rest. Personal records must be broken and the championships beckon. In addition, exercising is seen as a healthy activity, so you may not be inclined to skip a day. Are you such a fanatic? Then discover that regular rest is just as important as training. This applies not only to your sports performance, but also to your health. If you listen carefully to your body, you will hear when it is time to repair your muscles or to restore your mind. With this blog article, Superfoodguru helps you on your way to recognizing the signals that indicate that you really need to take a rest.

Muscle pain or other pains do not go away

It is normal to experience some muscle soreness after a workout. But if you get pain every time during or during exercise, then your body is probably happy with one or more rest days. Even if the pain does not disappear between workouts, it is a sign that you are ready for some rest.

Training is hard on you

Are you dreading your next session at the gym? Or has the running training not been going so well for a while? Then don't forget that after a heavy workout your muscles need at least a day to recover. Don't you? Then your muscles cannot perform optimally and you can feel it.

You experience more stress

In principle, sports have a relaxing effect. But when you exercise too much without interrupting a day, you can actually experience more stress. Are you more irritable lately or are you unable to relax? Maybe you're overtrained.

You are sleepy

Can't make it through the day without an afternoon nap? Or do your eyes fall early in the evening? Then it may be that your body is exhausted by intensive exercise without rest. You are then burnt out.


Depending on how tired you are or how much pain you have, you don't just have to sit or lie down on a rest day. It's about giving your muscles a rest and a break from the training program. For example, if you've had a long mountain trip on your mountain bike, you can recharge your body the next day with a light walk through the park.


If you feel that you have been exercising too much lately, you can also take several rest days in a row. Combine this time with a nice detox cure or continue juice fasting . This way you not only recover your muscles, but also improve your digestion. Drinking organic juices provides your body with an abundance of healthy nutrients while detoxifying at the same time. This allows you to start exercising again with new energy.

So make the most of your time to recover and cleanse your body with one of the purifying detox cures from Superfoodguru!

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