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Rest In Your Head: That's How You Get It Done

Rest In Your Head: That's How You Get It Done

Deadlines you have to meet, bills you have to pay and your social life that demands your attention: sometimes it's hard to get peace of mind. Fortunately, there are methods to relax mentally. So read on quickly and get a clear and calm brain again.


You have probably heard of this term. Entire books have been written about it, all kinds of mindful coaches offer their services and there are countless training courses to follow. But mindfulness is a way of mental relaxation that you can do yourself. It's about being present in the moment without judgment.

You do this by giving full attention to what you are doing now. Whether it's laundry or preparing for a job interview. Or maybe you have some time off and you can take care of the plants, take pictures or color in your adult coloring book. But whatever you do, be curious, don't judge and give it your full attention.

Break the pattern of your thinking

Are you used to worrying? Then your brain will find this the easiest way and will choose anxious and stressful thoughts every time. But you can break this negative mindset. Tell yourself 'stop' and immediately go do something that distracts you. Take the dog for a walk, watch a funny video on YouTube or Google a tasty and healthy recipe.


Music touches you and therefore it is an ideal mood setter. So are you looking for mental relaxation? Then play the right tune. Classical music is ideal to relax. But maybe you feel most relaxed with reggae, blues or a solid house beat. Or do your worries disappear with jazz or cheerful Latin sounds.


If the worries dominate in your head, write them down! You can keep a diary to which you entrust your thoughts. This way they don't have to keep haunting your head and you get a clear mind.


Worry and stress are an attack on your body. With good nutrition you kill two birds with one stone. You help your body repair the damage, but also lower the stress level. For example, magnesium and vitamin C are good partners in combating stress.

The vegetable and fruit juices from Superfoodguru are therefore great to help you get more peace of mind. So are you worried? Then create a moment for your mental relaxation and give your body a healthy boost with a juice!

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