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Skincare: Help Your Skin With Plant-Based Nutrition

Skincare: Help Your Skin With Plant-Based Nutrition

Beauty comes from within. This is not only about your personality, but also about what you eat. There are plant-based foods that your skin loves. So do you want to work on your look? Then make not only lotions and creams part of your skincare routine , but also what you eat or drink. Superfoodguru lists the best plant-based foods for your skin for you. You will also receive tips for juices that are good for your skincare and you can start juice fasting or a detox cure .


Carrots are cheap, tasty and also very good for your skin. They owe their cheerful orange color to their high beta-carotene content. This is a substance that your body converts into vitamin A. This vitamin is an antioxidant that protects you against free radicals. And that is important, because an excess of free radicals can not only harm your health, but also accelerate the aging process. So do you want to keep your skin as smooth as possible? Then include carrots in your diet . Or drink the fresh Ginger Girl from Superfoodguru!


Detoxification is essential for beautiful skin. The superfoods spirulina and chlorella have a fantastic role to play in this. These algae can remove heavy metals from your system, which helps you to have a nicer skin . Furthermore, spirulina and chlorella are packed with antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. So for your skincare routine you should regularly get these algae. You can take healthy juices or shots that are enriched with spirulina or chlorella. For example, try our Blue Protection Shot and Die Hard Green !


What your skin really can't do without is moisture. The top hydrating plant foods are cucumbers . In addition to enriching your skin with moisture, these fruit vegetables also contain fine substances such as flavonoids and antioxidants . Cucumbers can therefore help soothe irritated skin because they counteract inflammation, among other things. Do you want your skin to benefit optimally from this fruit vegetable? Then drink our Veggie Cappuccino, for example. This not only contains cucumber, but also spinach, which is good for your vitamin C content. Another vitamin blast with cucumber juice is the Magic Moringa, which also contains the superfood chlorella. For lovers of green vegetables, the Die Hard Green is recommended, which also contains a lot of cucumber. Do you prefer a fruity taste? Then go for the combination of cucumber and pineapple and drink our Pineapple Paradiso .


Mint is a small plant, but a powerhouse when it comes to nutrients. For example , the leaves contain vitamin B that helps you to have clear skin . But the resistance-enhancing vitamin C is also present in mint plants. Mint also has a soothing effect on your digestion, which also benefits your skin. In addition, this herb is known for its fresh taste. So help your skin while enjoying our delicious and healthy Wild at Heart at the same time!

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