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10 Plant-Powered Athletes Who Drink Acai Juice

10 Plant-Powered Atleten Die Acai Sap Drinken - superfoodguru

Inspiration comes in the craziest ways. Maybe you recognize this. So is the name of our latest power juice with acai berries, beetroot, pear, lime and… strawberry. Strawberry Fields Forever. Remember the Beatles' hit of the same name when the name "came to us." Don't be fooled by the strawberry, acai juice is an important player in this juice.

Acai berries, a special superfood

In fact, all fruits are “superfood”. After all, they all contain many nutrients that are good for your health. Yet the acai berry is just a bit more special. He is more or less the superfood PLUS.

Antioxidant Acai

Acai berries contain, among other things, a high level of flavonoids (specifically the so-called anthocyanins). Flavonoids is a collective name for certain organic compounds in plants and are strong antioxidants. The acai berries ensure a good metabolism and absorption of vitamin C. Which in turn ensures a strengthening of cell walls and cell renewal. Acai fruit therefore supports the self-healing capacity of your body.

The acai berry grows in clusters on the acai palm. This tree is found in Brazil, among others. Because the fruit spoils quickly after picking, it is not available fresh in our part of the world. We use the frozen version of the acai berry for our Strawberry Fields Forever . The next best thing as far as I'm concerned. Acai dried or in powder form has less nutritional value.

Due to the cell renewing properties of acai berries, it is not surprising that many top athletes and athletes drink acai juice and have added acai berries to their diet.

Plant Powered Athletes and Acai Juice

The acai berry (and so does our new super-juice Strawberry Fields Forever) fits perfectly in a sporty vegan lifestyle . Many vegan top athletes drink acai smoothies. Which is not that surprising of course. Because the acai berry contains more than antioxidants. Acai berries also contain carbohydrates (for muscle building), sugar (for energy), fiber (for digestion), vitamin A (for eyes and skin), calcium (for bones and teeth) and a number of other important minerals and trace elements. In short, a great fruit for athletes.

Both top athletes and celebrities are around and like to drink acai juice to support their (vegan) lifestyle. A small list…

  • Oprah Winfrey (Talk show host. Is a huge fan of acai juice and regularly focuses on the acai berry in her show)
  • Chaka Khan (Singer. Says she drinks acai juice to cope with her hectic life
  • Sanoe Lake (Model, actress and surfer. Swears by drinking acai juice for years)
  • Victoria Beckham (Singer. Drinks acai juice to deal with her skin problems)
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