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Mindfulness Exercises During Your Detox Cure

Mindfulness Exercises During Your Detox Cure

Detoxing is an ideal time to come to your senses and make a fresh start. But when you think about your future, you can feel overwhelmed. There is so much you want to achieve and so much you need to do. Or maybe you are worried about the upcoming period. Fortunately, there are all kinds of exercises to organize your thoughts to look ahead with optimism again. This way you not only detoxify your body during a detox cure and by juice fasting , but also your mind.


Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines: we have them for all kinds of facets of our lives. Being at work on time with a busy family life, fulfilling an important social obligation or paying the bills on time: many things in daily life cannot be avoided. But you also have the requirements you set for yourself. When these are too high, it makes your life extra stressful.

Maybe you think you should be able to clean your whole house in a day or that you should learn an entire chapter from a textbook every day? Once you're in this spiral, it's a good idea to do a 3-day mindset. Move your deadline for your personal goal to 3 days instead of 1. This gives you more peace of mind, more overview and ultimately more done because you are no longer inundated with deadlines.


Paper and pen are perfect tools to get more rest in your brain. Write down all your worries and then arrange them. Put the most serious concerns at the top and the least serious at the bottom. This way you know what to tackle first and what you can let go of if necessary. What seems? 9 times out of 10 things are not too bad and most concerns can be solved with a plan of action.

Another great way to detox your mind from worry is to honestly write down everything that's bothering you. Do that on a loose sheet, so you can throw it away again. This gives you complete freedom about what you write down, because no one sees it. You yourself will not be confronted with your thoughts when you find the piece of paper later.

Something else happens... Seeing your concerns written down on paper will probably make you more tired of addressing them. You may also discover that some are less real and bad than you thought. An action plan to address your top concerns is key. Start with the easiest concern so that you stay motivated to tackle the more difficult things as well.

Feeling overwhelmed: step back in time and into the here and now

Detoxing is really a moment for yourself. Make good use of that and make sure that you come to terms with yourself mentally as well. For example, let the past help you with a carefree future by reading that old book that taught you so much. Or maybe you want to see that inspiring movie from a few years ago again? This takes your mind off things and is fine for the moment, but it doesn't forget to be in the here and now. You can read more about the Now in the book by inspiring writer Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now , the spiritual book of the past decade. Free yourself from your constant thinking.

So do you want to make a complete restart and go through life mindfully? Then don't just order one of the tasty and healthy ones detox cures from Superfoodguru, but also create a plan to stop worrying too much.

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