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Get Mentally Balanced With Exercise

Get Mentally Balanced With Exercise

You probably know that moving is good for your body. But did you know that you also become more mentally resilient when you take action? From depression to more creativity: discover what exercise can do for your mind!


Do you feel depressed? Or are you anxious? Then put on your hiking boots and go into nature. The flowers in the meadow, the falling autumn leaves or the waves rolling to the shore will certainly make you happier and more relaxed. But more is happening. When you move, your body produces substances that reduce inflammatory reactions in your brain. This could reduce your depression. Your body also produces hormones that make you feel more positive, such as endorphins and dopamine. The great thing is that you don't have to train hard at all for an uplifting effect. However, it is good to exercise regularly, so that you have a better chance that your natural antidepressant will work.


Your own dopamine can also help you if you want to quit an unhealthy habit. Dopamine is created when you do something you enjoy. This happens, for example, when you listen to a nice piece of music, pet your pet or have cleaned up your house. This hormone then gives you a good feeling. Unfortunately, dopamine is also released when drinking alcohol, smoking and gambling. Which may make you want to do this more often than is good for you. Drugs provide a real boost of dopamine. That's why cocaine and heroin, for example, are so addictive. Fortunately, exercise also increases your dopamine levels. So do you want to kick a bad habit? Then exercise can make the process easier for you!


Something that is disastrous for your well-being and health is a bad night's sleep. In this case, too, it is good to exercise. You then produce adenosine. This endogenous substance acts as a natural sleep aid . Do you want to produce as much adenosine as possible? Then the more intensive your training, the more adenosine. So are you sleeping badly? Visit the gym and have fun!


When you sit for a long time, your ability to concentrate and creativity decreases. The solution: move! Did you know that when you exercise your brain receives energy in the form of blood sugar and oxygen? Do you also do different sports? Then that is extra good for your creativity, according to research.


Even if you now have an iron-sharp mind and concerns about dementia seem far away, it is still good to take this into account now. You do that by exercising, because then your body produces lactate. This substance stimulates the growth of brain cells , which can reduce the risk of dementia. NB! You have to train hard. Because lactate is only created when your muscles have to work hard.

Give your body extra vitamins and minerals

So exercise benefits your mental health in both the short and long term. Do you eat healthy and do you supplement your daily diet with a juice from Superfoodguru? Then you give your well-being an extra boost! In addition, juice fasting or doing a detox cure can help you a lot with this.

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