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Give Your Detox An Extra Boost With A Lymphatic Drainage

Give Your Detox An Extra Boost With A Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is an often forgotten cleaning machine. And that is unfair, because it takes care of your moisture balance, the removal of waste and plays a crucial role in fighting infections. So do you want to cleanse your body with one of our fine detox cures ? Then don't forget to give your lymphatic system a dose of self-care with a lymphatic drainage. This is a massage that stimulates your lymphatic system and that you can easily do yourself at home.


Unlike the circulatory system, your lymphatic system cannot rely on the power of your heart. The blood is pumped through your body with every heartbeat, the lymphatic fluid only has the help of your muscles. When they contract, the fluid is propelled forward. Movement is therefore good for your lymphatic system, but it is not always enough.

In addition, stress and toxins cause your lymph nodes to become clogged earlier. When the lymph fluid stagnates, it is bad for your health. For example, you can get infections, become tired or retain fluids. A lymphatic drainage is therefore an ideal combination with a detox cure.


A self-massage of your lymphatic system is easy and only takes fifteen minutes. Massage gently, as your lymph vessels and lymph nodes lie close to your skin. In addition, too hard a massage can disrupt the functioning of the lymphatic system. So be kind to yourself and make it a wonderful relaxation ritual.


Before you start, make sure you have warm massage oil on hand and then proceed as follows:

Start at your toes

When massaging it is always important that you work towards your heart. Because this is a total body massage, we start at the very bottom with your toes. Massage all ten and then move up through your feet in small circular motions.

From your thighs to your stomach

Your thighs and buttocks are the places where fat and waste like to settle. Massage them with your fingertips and palms. Next it's your groin's turn. You massage both at the same time. Work from the inside up and towards the hips. Then you go to your stomach and make circles in a clockwise direction.

Your arms, chest and stomach

Start here with your fingers and massage each joint. Continue through your arm to your armpit and upper chest area. Massage extra well here because there are many lymph nodes here. Then move in circular motions to your chest or breasts and under your breasts. Then massage towards your stomach.

From your head to your heart

Now it's your head's turn. Start at your neck, then massage your chin and work your way up to the base of your skull. You end at your heart, by massaging from your head back to the center of your body.

Are you ready? Then you have treated your lymphatic system to a healthy cleaning. Moreover, you must have enjoyed this piece of self-care. Therefore make it a nice relaxation ritual during your detox cure with our pure juices!

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