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The TikTok Trend 'Internal Shower' Drink: Is It Really That Healthy?

The TikTok Trend 'Internal Shower' Drink: Is It Really That Healthy?

The 'internal shower' drink is the TikTok trend of the moment. People can't stop talking about the benefits of this detox drink. Videos with the hashtag #internalshower have more than fifty million views on TikTok. But why is it such a popular detox drink and does it really work? And isn't it better to detox your body in other ways? Superfoodguru has sorted it out for you.


The 'internal shower' drink, made of water, chia seeds and lemon juice, is said to reduce bloating and stimulate the detoxification processes in your body. So it is a detox drink to reset your body. But what do the individual ingredients do for your body and why is the 'internal shower' drink so healthy?

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are a great source of soluble fiber - they absorb liquid in dishes and in the intestines. Soluble fiber helps slow down digestion and regulate blood cholesterol. You also feel that you are full faster after eating chia seeds.

Lemon juice

The 'internal shower' drink contains half a lemon. Drinking lemon juice has endless benefits: it cleanses your body and regulates the glucose concentrations in your blood. You can read why lemon juice is good for your skin here .


The importance of water actually speaks for itself. Yet we often underestimate why water is indispensable for cleansing our body. It flushes out unwanted toxins such as sweat, urine and poop.


The recipe for the 'internal shower' is not difficult and therefore easy to make yourself from water, lemon juice and chia seeds. You take a glass of water, add 2 tablespoons of chia seeds and the juice of half a lemon, and stir well. Then let the recipe stand for 10 minutes. A gel-like drink is then created because the chia seeds absorb all the water. You can then enjoy the nutritious and rich drink ! Be careful with chia seeds - too much of this superfood can actually cause bloating. Would you rather not drink a slimy substance? Chia seeds are also easy to process in other foods. This way you can benefit from the benefits of this superfood.


The internal shower drink is healthy, but it's not a quick fix if you really want to detoxify your body. The internal shower drink is rather a good addition to a healthy lifestyle. Are you looking for an intensive and powerful detoxification? Then try the juice cures from Superfoodguru. Our cold pressed juices are ultra-fresh juices, composed of the best recipes full of organic vegetables, fruits and superfoods. You can opt for a quick detox cure of 3 days, but also for an intensive cleansing of 5 or 7 days. Check them out here . And remember: actually, all efforts to detox the body are a good idea - trendy or not!

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