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The Brain In Your Gut: Gut Flora And Happiness

Het Brein In Je Buik: Darmflora En Geluk
The Brain In Your Gut: Gut Flora And Happiness

The Brain In Your Gut: Gut Flora And Happiness

Your intestinal tract is home to approximately 39 trillion (!) microbes. With the right nutrition you can positively influence your mental well-being: the happiness and calmness in your life. How is your brain in touch with your happiness? Superfoodguru has figured out how radiant happiness starts in the gut, and what the brain is in your gut. Curious how your diet affects how you feel? Find out here.


The 39 trillion microbes in your gut flora affect your brain. Your brain is in direct contact with your gut, which ensures that you influence your mental well-being with food. So your intestines are actually the brain of your stomach. The happiness hormone serotonin is located in your intestines (and nervous system). Experts have shown that there is increasing evidence that the composition of your intestinal flora has a direct effect on the amount of serotonin in your body. When the intestinal flora is good, our neurotransmitters produce a lot of dopamine and serotonin. These are both important players in generating feelings such as happiness and reward.


But how do you take good care of the brain in your stomach and how do you keep the intestinal flora healthy and in balance? That is much simpler than it seems. The key to a healthy intestinal flora is a plant-based diet. Plant-based food provides a wide variety of nutrients. In addition, your intestines love fiber, healthy fats and proteins. Healthy proteins are the building blocks of our hormones and proteins give a feeling of satiety for a long time, so that you are less likely to snack. Proteins also provide an energy boost. Who doesn't like a lot of energy?

If the brain in your gut is happy, so are you, because if the gut flora is not optimal, our mental health deteriorates, which can cause anxiety and depression. Low-fiber, high-sugar foods depress mood and are ineffective. By continuing to eat a varied and plant-based diet, the intestinal bacteria receive the nutrition they need to allow your body to work optimally. You feel healthy and cheerful.


Magnesium and zinc are important minerals that contribute to the feeling of happiness. They also improve your mood and give you peace and energy. The bacteria in your intestinal tract affect these minerals. So make sure you're getting enough minerals to keep the brain in your gut happy. Happiness is in your own hands.

Find the perfect probiotic

When we talk about the brain in your gut, we also talk about probiotics. Probiotics, healthy intestinal bacteria, have the ability to restore the balance of the microbes and are therefore indispensable for the intestinal flora. Probiotics are responsible for replenishing the beneficial bacteria in your gut and fighting off unfavorable bacteria. This ensures that your intestines are in balance, which gives a good mood. Researchers have even shown that several bacteria can produce serotonin. By eating probiotics daily, you keep your intestinal flora in balance and you have a healthy lifestyle. These bacteria are in sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt and so on. The result of sufficient probiotics in your diet? You feel a lot happier and calmer.


A detox cure is a good way to give your body a boost and support your intestines. You can do this with the detox cures from Superfoodguru. We have put together packages for a detox cure of three , five or seven days. Choose the package that suits you best and start your way to optimal intestinal health!

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