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Healing Herbs For Women: From Womb To Pregnancy

Healing Herbs For Women: From Womb To Pregnancy

Do you already eat a lot of fruit and vegetables to be as healthy as possible? Then you can enhance that effect with herbs. Various medicinal plants from all over the world can help you with 'women's issues'. Think of reducing problems with PMS or the imbalance of your hormones if you are or are going through menopause.

To make it easy for you, we have made an overview of some important herbal species that have a special effect on the female body. But be careful before you go big on the herbal tea. For some conditions or if you are pregnant, it is better to seek medical advice first. Herbs can have a strong effect and therefore adversely affect health if used incorrectly.


Nettles are not the most favorite plant in the garden. The reason: they can hurt viciously. But they are also real powerhouses when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Do you want to help your uterus with the cycle, fertility or after your baby is born? Then nettles are the right herb to use.

Red clover

Another plant rich in vitamins and minerals is red clover. This herb helps women in menopause. So do you suffer from mood swings, night sweats or hot flashes? Then these complaints could be reduced with the help of red clover.

Monk pepper

This plant may have a positive effect on your fertility. In addition, it can help prevent miscarriage and stimulate milk production after childbirth. Monk pepper also has another nice feature: it is good for your memory.


The shatavari comes all the way from India. This plant is related to the asparagus and has a calming effect. Ayurvedic medicine has been using this herb for centuries for women in all stages of life: to become more fertile, for menstrual problems and to combat hot flashes at the start of menopause. The shatavari therefore excels in versatility.

Raspberry leaf

Raspberries are delicious and healthy fruits, but the leaves of the plant are also nutritious. In addition, it could relieve pain during, for example, menstruation and childbirth. Furthermore, raspberry leaf could improve the course of pregnancies.


This herb has more vitamin C than oranges. It also beats the banana when it comes to oppotassium. With another series of vitamins, this plant is super healthy. For women who are breastfeeding, the herb is a useful aid in the production of milk.

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