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Start Running? Success Guaranteed With This Running Plan

Beginnen Met Hardlopen? Succes Gegarandeerd Met Dit Hardloopplan
Start Running? Success Guaranteed With This Running Plan

Start Running? Success Guaranteed With This Running Plan

Running outside is incredibly healthy: it reduces stress, improves your fitness and physical condition and gives you a positive energy boost. Would you also like to run, but don't know how to start? Then you've come to the right place with this guide for novice runners. Ready?


We humans are born to run . Therefore, rely on your natural posture and relax your body while walking. A good tip when you start running is to look about 10 to 20 meters in front of you. This way you ensure that you don't hang down too much or lean back. In addition, it is important to use your entire foot when landing on the road surface. Imagine rolling through your foot all the way from your heel to the ball of your foot. Finally, pay close attention to your breathing: breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Walk at such a speed that you don't immediately get out of breath. As long as you can still talk while walking, you are walking at the right pace.


A beginner's guide isn't complete without a list of things you'll need. The following items are indispensable:

  • Good running shoes with the right fit: ask professional advice in a specialist shop

  • Running socks with sweat-wicking fabric: this keeps your feet dry and comfortable

  • Light, comfortable sportswear, such as: shorts, breathable shirts, sports bra and a water-repellent jacket

  • Reflective clothing or accessories: this way you can also walk safely at dusk or at night

Tip: don't want to get lost on the way or do you like to listen to music? Then a GPS watch and wireless headphones are also a good addition to your basic equipment.


Your body uses a lot of energy while running. Therefore, make sure you have enough, nutritious food and drink enough water before your workout. Wait at least 30 minutes after eating before running to avoid stomach upset. Choose healthy food andsnacks .

For example, complex carbohydrates from vegetables, fruit, legumes, potatoes and whole grain products help to replenish your energy supply. Proteins from eggs, dairy products, nuts, fish and meat help your body build and repair your muscles. Always listen to your body and find out what works well for your run.


Listening to your body is extremely important to avoid running injuries:

  • Stretch and stretch your muscles before and during your run

  • Start slowly, too fast a pace can unnecessarily strain your muscles, tendons and ligaments

  • A regular heartbeat and breathing are a good indication of the right pace

  • Alternate running and walking

  • Set small goals: start with short distances and build up slowly


You are ready for your first run. The 7-day running schedule for beginners below will help you incorporate running into your daily routine.

  • Monday: Start with a 20-minute workout, alternating between running and walking every minute. Keep your pace slow: it's about the time, not the distance you cover.

  • Tuesday: start with some (yoga) exercises to strengthen your core, such as the boat, plank and side plank. Running today consists of running 1.5 kilometers. Note how long you walk on it. Still maintain an easy pace, but your workout should feel a little harder than Monday.

  • Wednesday: rest day. Do you like cycling or walking? Then that can be your exercise for today.

  • Thursday: Repeat Monday's 20-minute workout. Alternate running and walking every minute.

  • Friday: For the first ten minutes of your training, alternate between running and walking every minute. The last ten minutes consists of an interval training: run as fast as you can for 100 meters and then rest for one minute at a time.

  • Saturday: rest day.

  • Sunday: 25 minute workout. Run for 2 minutes and then walk again for 1 minute. Alternate this until the 25 minutes are up.

Always listen to your body. Are the training sessions going well? Then slowly reduce the number of walking breaks and gradually increase the pace. Success is guaranteed with this running plan.

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