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Do you feel like a healthy boost and do you want to order vegetable juice? Then Superfoodguru is the right place for you. Here you will find delicious organic, cold-pressed juices that support your natural beauty.

We understand the need for fresh and unprocessed juices that you can't get enough of. And of course we wish everyone that! Because who doesn't want accessible, healthy food?

Superfoodguru juices are made to order daily in our production kitchen in Scheveningen. This guarantees the freshness and quality of the juices.

The refreshing juices are also packaged in a sustainable bottle. The bottles are almost all made of sugar cane, which is completely biodegradable. Because we use as little material as possible, recycling becomes simple and efficient.

We will of course continue to work to reduce food waste and create as little waste as possible. Because we think it's important to leave the planet in a better condition.

Which vegetable juices can you order from Superfoodguru?

At Superfoodguru you can order different types of vegetable juice. They are all organic, cold-pressed and unprocessed, creating the best quality juice full of living nutrients and enzymes.

We have a wide range of juices, divided into green juice, carrot and beet juice and citrus and fruit juice. The juices are also available in packets. Have you been partying a lot for a weekend and could you use a boost? Or are you very tired and think your immune system could use some help? Then a juice package is a good choice, because they are specially formulated to address specific problems.

The benefits of vegetable juice

Each of our vegetable juices that you can order have their own strength and a unique combination of vegetables, fruit and fresh herbs. We believe that good food and drink is the basis of wellness. Whether it is renewing your energy, maintaining your beauty or healing skin or physical problems: healthy food is your medicine. By making the right food choices, we have more control over our health.
At Superfoodguru we also continuously look at how we can optimize the health aspects of each juice. Did you know that the effect of turmeric, for example, is greatly improved by black pepper?

Have you become interested and are you curious what vegetable juice can do for you? Then take a look at our juices:

  1. Green juice
  2. Carrot and beet juice
  3. Citrus and fruit juice
  4. Detox cures
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