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Feel Better With These Tips For A Healthier Metabolism

Feel Better With These Tips For A Healthier Metabolism

With a healthy metabolism you are a lot more comfortable in your skin. Your metabolism or metabolism is the process of breaking down waste and creating building materials in your body. The food you ingest is converted into energy.

You can therefore strongly influence the functioning of your metabolism with nutrition and exercise. But there are many more adjustments you can make every day for a healthier metabolism. In this blog we will tell you all about it.


A good night's sleep is a major contributor to your health and is crucial for your metabolism. At night your body gets time to recharge and repair itself. A consistent sleep rhythm is of great importance. That's why it's smart to get up at about the same time seven days a week. This way your body is used to this rhythm.

Sleeping in that long morning at the weekend may feel nice, but it is therefore a less good idea for your health. Irregular sleep times can disrupt your hormone balance. For example, hormones that regulate the feeling of hunger and satiety become confused when there is insufficient or irregular sleep. With a regular sleep rhythm you keep your body and metabolism much better in balance.


Do you want to start the day well? As you understand, nutrition makes an important contribution to boosting your metabolism. Optimal digestion provides your body with the right energy, with which you can confidently face the day ahead.

Therefore, never skip breakfast, but make sure you start the day with a meal full of nutrients. Healthy food stimulates digestion and prevents bloating. You also lay a solid foundation with a good breakfast, which prevents you from needing fast sugars again soon.

Set the tone for a healthy day and start with one of our delicious juices. Ideal for the early morning are, for example, the delicious, spicy ginger shots . Do you prefer a vegetable juice? Then the low-fruit Slim Fit Fusion juice something for you. A refreshing vegetable juice with apple, fennel and arugula that makes you feel super healthy. Or go ahead Orange Is The New Black : an accessible and rich citrus and fruit juice with carrot, mango, orange, turmeric, celery and black pepper.


Healthy food means variety. By eating as many different types of vegetables, fruits and other foods as possible, you get a wide variety of nutrients. Your body needs all kinds of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, carbohydrates and fats for a healthy metabolism. Varied nutrition contributes to this.

So opt for a vegetable or fruit juice for lunch. This gives your digestion a big boost. So is the Strawberry Fields Forever is a deliciously sweet, fresh juice that provides your body with potassium, folic acid and antioxidants, among other things. The refreshing Pineapple Paradiso contains pineapple, cucumber, mint, celery and apple. Enjoy the intense taste and benefit from this vitamin C boost.


Do you stare at your screen a lot every day? The artificial light from computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones can seriously disrupt your biological clock, and therefore your night's sleep. Therefore, make sure you take enough breaks and find variety in your day with movement, meditation and breathing exercises.

Did you know that even five minutes of breathing exercises already have a positive effect on your metabolism? This calms your nervous system and helps the body to regulate cortisol.

In addition, exercise is crucial to feeling healthy and fit. For example, exercise stimulates your metabolism, promotes your muscle mass and has a positive effect on your mind. Therefore, make sure to take the time for exercise every day and realize that this really does not have to be an intensive workout right away. Get on a bike, take a walk. You will see that daily exercise contributes to a healthier body and fit mind.

Do you fancy a snack? Then choose ourRaw Food Bliss Balls . Healthy snacks without added, refined sugars.


With small adjustments, you can quickly improve the health of your metabolism. For example, make sure you have dinner before 8 p.m. This way you give the body at least 12 hours for recovery and optimal digestion. Fasting at night contributes to a healthy metabolism.

Want to replace dinner with a nutritious juice? Then the Die Hard Green is a good choice. This vegetable juice contains no fruit, but is a bomb of vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Looking for a little spice? Then it is Sunrise to Moonshine vegetable juice is a good choice.

Take some time for yourself in the evening, for example with meditation or other rituals. Put your phone or other screens aside. Pamper yourself with a bath full of essential oils, drink herbal tea, listen to music or take the time for dry brushing. This way you prepare the body for a good night's sleep and support a healthy metabolism.

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