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Give your body and mind a boost with a colonic irrigation

Give your body and mind a boost with a colonic irrigation

Colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy may sound a bit scary, but it is a blessing for your body. Moreover, not only your body benefits from this treatment, but also your mind. So do you want to feel great? Then discover more about this therapy treatment.


Colon hydrotherapy has been around for centuries. Even the Egyptians did it. The therapy consists of cleansing your colon. This is done in a safe way. It does not hurt and also important; you smell nothing. The therapist uses filtered water to clean your intestines. Optionally, coffee can be added to help detoxify your liver.


During the treatment, the fluid enters your colon through a thin tube. You will not notice much of this, because the water or coffee has been brought to body temperature and there is a low pressure. In this way, the contents of your colon are flushed out. As a result, you get rid of many toxins and you get a clean intestine.

These are the benefits of a colon cleanse

Did you know that there can be kilos of encrusted dirt in your colon? A polluted gut can contribute to all sorts of health problems, from bloating to fatigue. Your intestinal system plays an important role in your immune system. But there is something else that your colon has a crucial function in, namely your zest for life. Because in addition to your brain, your intestines can also produce hormones that make you feel happy and good.


Anyone can feel better with a colon cleanse. Even if you eat super healthy and are in top shape, your intestine can be seriously polluted. Because no matter how well you live, you often come into contact with toxic substances in daily life. In addition, the therapy stimulates the production of the happiness hormones by your intestines. This makes the treatment good for you if you experience a lot of stress.

This way you ensure the best result

It is important that you prepare well for a successful treatment. Leave sugar, dairy, and wheat a few days in advance. It is also better not to eat processed food and it is good to drink a lot of water. But you can get even more out of therapy if you combine it with juice fasting . Your body is then cleansing on all fronts, with a colonic irrigation being the finishing touch.

Complete your bowel cleansing with a detox cure

The reward of a colon cleanse is a light and clear feeling. A detox cure can enhance this effect. So do you have plans for a clean bowel? Then don't just make an appointment with a colon hydrotherapist, but also order one of Superfoodguru's detox cures. We have put together packages for one detox cure of three , five or seven days. Choose the package that suits you best and start your way to optimal intestinal health!

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