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Get Fit With Fitness Advice From Anne Hathaway's Trainer

Get Fit With The Fitness Advice From Anne Hathaway's Trainer

A body like catwoman? Slim, flexible, strong and super fit! Actress Anne Hathaway has it. As one of Hollywood's most popular actresses, she manages to be in shape for her demanding roles, such as catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

She doesn't do that alone, but with the help of a personal trainer. Don Saladino is her latest fitness guru. Based on his advice, here are five tips that you can use if you decide to do a detox cure with the juices of Superfoodguru. Especially if you want to make a good start with a more sporty lifestyle after your body cleansing.

Put your mental mood first and provide variety and nuance

The mental part of exercising is the most important. Therefore, there is no point in constantly pushing yourself or getting angry if you don't reach your goals. The intention is that you complete your training with a good feeling. So you're not having such a good day? Then adjust your training accordingly.

So do you exercise? Then use the first fifteen minutes to determine your mood. Are you well rested, did you eat well and how is your mood? Plan your training for the day accordingly. This way you can also provide more variation and nuance, so that you do not routinely do the same exercises with the same intensity.


Don't always feel like going to the gym? Or are you traveling? Then you can also train at home or in the hotel room. For Anne Hathaway, the fitness equipment was delivered to her residence. Don't have the space and/or money for professional fitness equipment? Then search YouTube for workouts or fitness at home. You will then get enough examples to make a 'gym' with household items. Or you discover effective exercises that you can perform without aids.


During a detox cure you temporarily get low calories, but that is not something you should aim for in your normal diet. With a calorie content that is too low, you feel less fit, which affects your training. And that makes it difficult to stick to the first tip.


Do you like to drink a glass of wine? Do you like chocolate? Or can't resist a good steak? Then enjoy it as long as it makes you feel good. It will be different if you experience problems with it, or if it makes you less fit. But enjoying life is also important to be able to enjoy fitness and to work on your health.


Anyone who wants to live a healthier life is quickly inclined to make a complete change. But that's hard to keep up. So do it in small steps. For example, replace a bad habit with a good one every month. Then after a year you already have a completely different lifestyle.

In short: enjoy a healthy life. And you go one juice cleanse ? Adjust your sports program accordingly and build up your sporty lifestyle after your detox!

Source: interview with Anne Hathaway's trainer in The Chalkboard

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