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Face Yoga For Beginners: The Best For Your Skin

Face Yoga Voor Beginners: Het Beste Voor Je Huid
Face Yoga For Beginners: The Best For Your Skin

Face Yoga For Beginners: The Best For Your Skin

Who doesn't dream of aging beautifully? From a tight skin without wrinkles? Face yoga is a very popular trend with exactly that goal in mind. We'll tell you all about it.


With face yoga or facial yoga you learn to relax and strengthen your facial muscles through exercises. Every day you unconsciously tense all kinds of muscles in your face, which can contribute to the development of wrinkles. The yoga exercises make you aware of which muscles you tense and also teach you how to relax these muscles and your skin.


  • Youthful appearance by strengthening and tightening the skin, muscles and tissues in your face.

  • Wrinkles and fine lines become less visible because you train facial muscles.

  • Healthy glow on your skin, because yoga improves your blood circulation and provides your skin cells with more oxygen.

  • Less stress in your body, because yoga has a relaxing effect.

Tip: Start with Face Yoga while preparing for your juice cure , as your new healthy habit.


Do you want to work on a younger, fresh face and age beautifully? We've listed a few basic poses for you.

Heat up

Open your mouth and lower your jaw as if you were yawning. Let all the muscles in your cheeks relax. Keep your forehead still and move your gaze past your forehead to the ceiling, without using the muscles in your forehead. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat twice. In the meantime, keep breathing calmly.

Neck and jaw

Relax your shoulders and move your chin at a slight 45-degree angle toward your right shoulder. Tighten your lips as if kissing. Hold this for 10 seconds while breathing slowly. Switch sides and repeat this process twice.


Place your fingers in a downward V-shape on your forehead, slightly pulling the skin up. Relax your shoulders and keep your chin slightly up. Hold this for 10 seconds and breathe slowly. Then slide your hands down your face and relax all the muscles. Repeat this twice.


Make a C-shape with your hand and place your index finger above your eyebrow and your thumb right next to your nose. Pull your fingers apart and then sideways so that your eyes open as wide as possible. Relax your shoulders and hold for five seconds. Then squeeze your eyes firmly shut five times and keep them closed a little longer, relaxed the last time. Repeat this twice for both eyes.


Facial yoga is not difficult, but it does take dedication. How do you make sure you keep practicing this? Set an intention for yourself. For example, determine how many days a week or how many minutes a day you want to spend on face yoga. Hold on to this intention to get the ultimate result.

Listen carefully to yourself: which routine works well for you? Do you opt for shorter, simple exercises that you can easily practice daily? Or do you prefer to take time out a few times a week for a longer, more complex series of exercises? When you choose a routine that fits your lifestyle, you are much more likely to stick with it in the long term.


Do you want to know and read more about facial yoga? Just like there are multiple types of yoga, you can also strengthen and relax the face and skin in different ways. There are several face yoga experts, each with their own approach. Yet everyone has the same goal: youthful, healthy skin. Some well-known experts are:

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