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Detox Without Strict Rules: 4 Doable Habits For Self Detox

Detoxen Zonder Strenge Regels: 4 Haalbare Gewoontes Voor Zelf Detoxen
Detox Without Strict Rules: 4 Doable Habits For Self Detox

Detox Without Strict Rules: 4 Doable Habits For Self Detox

Cleaning your body is healthy and has a positive effect on your general well-being. When you start detoxing yourself, you remove as much waste from your body as possible. You can see it as a deep cleansing for your entire body. The waste products are then quickly and efficiently removed through the bloodstream. You feel healthier, more energetic and happier. But many detox cures are strict, so you may not be waiting for it. Or you would prefer to start with a calm and less strict detox cure first to try out the detox. We have listed 4 feasible habits, so that you can start detoxing carefree without strict rules.


When you sleep, your body recharges completely. So is your brain, which removes toxic waste that has accumulated during a busy day. By sleeping more and therefore giving your body more time to detoxify your body, you give your body the chance to cleanse itself and recharge completely.


An extra workout has benefits for both your body and mind. By working up a sweat, you cleanse your body of waste and you are doing a good job of detoxing yourself. You take the tension out of your body and increase the metabolism that continues for hours after the workout.


Drinking plenty of water is a simple and healthy way to quickly remove waste products from your body during self-detox. Keeping your body hydrated will keep your digestive system running smoothly and help detoxify your body. By also eating a lot of foods with a lot of water, you get a lot of moisture in unnoticed. Cucumber, for example, consists of more than 95% water. But spinach, melons, strawberries and tomatoes also do well.

Drink lots of green juices

Detoxing yourself can be done in more ways than starting a detox cure. Our green juices bring a lot of benefits. Vegetables with a high moisture content are full of electrolytes (magnesium and potassium), which keep the moisture balance in your body cells optimal. Our veggie cappuccino juice is a low-fruit spinach juice, consisting of 73.5% vegetables. The electrolytes in these vegetables, in turn, ensure an optimal fluid balance in your body.


How many times a week do you really take time for yourself? When is the last time you took a moment for yourself in your busy schedule? Experts have shown that small mental breaks have a positive effect on your body, improving productivity and fueling lasting creativity. Take a moment for yourself and relax, even if it's just 15 minutes a day.

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