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Detox: From 30 Seconds To 7 Days Treatment

Detoxen: Van 30 Seconden Tot 7-daagse Kuur
Detox: From 30 Seconds To 7 Days Treatment

Detox: From 30 Seconds To 7 Days Treatment

Do you want to feel fresh and young again? Perhaps when you think of a detox, you quickly think of a long, intensive course. But did you know that you can also contribute to detoxifying your body and mind in many small ways? Even if you don't have much time in your busy schedule. With these detox tips you will feel good again in no time.


Do you really want to make a positive contribution to your mental and physical state, but are you too busy running from hot to her? With these quick detox tips, you'll be done in no time. You should certainly be able to spare a few minutes a day.

30 seconds: small but nice

Start taking supplements, packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals. For example, a supplement with zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D contributes to your immune system. Vitamin A helps, among other things, keep the mucous membranes in your nose healthy.

Preferably choose a liposomal supplement: the vitamins are packed in fat-like globules, which protect the contents against breakdown by your stomach acid. Your body absorbs the vitamins better.

1 minute: Love your liver

Give your liver the love it deserves with a detoxifying juice. Drink one in the morning Burning rescue shot or Burnman 07 . Would you like to drink a juice with your lunch? Then choose the Slim Fit Fusion . These drinks support the functioning of your liver and contain plenty of vitamins.

5 minutes: dry brush

It is an ancient ritual from Ayurveda: your body skin dry brushing . Take 5 minutes every day: remove dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores and ingrown hairs. Because your new, young skin cells come to the surface, your skin feels young again. You also promote local blood circulation.

Dry brushing your body is therefore an excellent way to detoxify. Start at your feet, work in a smooth movement towards your heart and enjoy the wonderful energy boost. You can also choose to first rub your body with an emollient body oil .


Does your busy life not allow detoxing every day, but are you committed to detoxing once a week? Then we have collected some easy detox cures for you.

6 minutes: foam rolling

Immediately foam roller you reduce the tension in your body. The handy two-in-one roller helps you to massage your arms, legs and back. Use the inner roller to massage your arms and legs. With the inner roller you can effortlessly reduce the tension in your back. Start your day with a short session of about 6 minutes for a fresh start. Roll on!

10 minutes: breathing

We all do it all day long: breathing. But now pay very conscious attention to your breathing? The Breathwrk app helps to reduce stress, sleep faster and deeper and gives you renewed energy. With scientifically substantiated exercises you learn about the power of your breathing. And the big advantage? You can apply breathing exercises anywhere: in your own home, in the office, on public transport.

1 hour: Stream a yoga workout

You no longer have to leave the house for a good workout. Online you will find countless yoga workouts for a healthy body and fit mind. Stream a yoga class weekly. All you need for this is an internet connection and of course one nice yoga mat . A good tip are theDelight Yoga live streams.


Are you ready for a longer detox cure after these short detox tips? Then try the 3-day Superfoodguru juice detox mix. In preparation for this three-day juice cleanse, you first prepare the body for 3 to 7 days with appropriate nutrition. In our e-book you can read all about this refreshing juice cure.


In addition to cleansing your body and mind, tidying guru Marie Kondo also believes in the power of a tidy home. In her book “ Life-changing magic of tidying up ” she gives practical tips for organizing your living environment and describes the impact on your physical and mental health. So treat yourself and your home once every few months with this clean-up detox.

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