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20 Detox Tips To Prepare For A Detox

The health benefits of detoxing are judged skeptically by science. Too bad, because people who regularly detoxify their body usually experience a tidy feeling in both body and mind. Perhaps it is time to experience it yourself with some detox tips.


Before you enthusiastically start a detox cure , it is wise to take a moment before you let your body do the same. Because that is in fact what you do with a detox juice cleanse. You give your body, your organs and your digestive processes space to rest and recover. Partly for this reason, it is wise to prepare yourself physically and mentally for your detox. With our 20 detox tips you will make the right preparation for this internal cleaning and you can therefore start optimally with juice fasting .

1. Make a detox plan and choose a relatively quiet period to detox. Before the actual detox cure, take a number of “detoxifying measures”.

2. Collect detox tips and see which recommendations appeal to you and which do not. Also decide which ones are feasible in your situation. Don't make it too difficult for yourself.

3. Download the Superfoodguru detox e-book because it is full of good tips & tricks.

4. What doesn't go in doesn't have to come out either , so make a U-turn and choose healthy variants and versions of the products you eat, drink, use and wear.

5. Choose a lot of fresh and consciously organic , this will quickly achieve many health benefits. Leave processed foods and ready-made mixes for what they are as much as possible and get started with good, fresh ingredients. You can get your organic groceries at Ekoplaza .

6. Put more greens in your smoothie. This way you get a true "vitamin eel bomb" in the period in which you change course. A green smoothie gives your body extra support.

7. Water, and the rest comes later because you start the day with lukewarm water. Then drink water or herbal tea throughout the day. Alternate and let the water purify your body.

8. Spice up your life with herbs and spices such as turmeric, ginger, black pepper and other superfoods with detox properties .

9. Yes, yes, oga helps to calm your mind, balance and support your body in the self-cleansing processes that occur during a detox cure.

10. Think before you leap , because meditation brings awareness and cleanses your mind like a detox juice cleanse your body.

11. Warm up and embrace yourself by going to the sauna during your detox course, for example. This also detoxifies your body through your skin. Don't like a sauna? A warm bath has the same effect.

12. Seriously refresh your nose and go for a nice walk in the great outdoors.

13. Don't say no to ginger tea. Ginger works well as an antioxidant and after a walk in the fresh air, it warms your insides. Nice and relaxing.

14. Rest and regularity during the period in which you detox is a good plan. Avoid a busy schedule and postpone appointments.

15. Have a big clean-up in your pantry where you put unhealthy products out of sight or, if you change course to a healthier lifestyle, ban them from your life. Throwing away is a waste. Maybe there are people in your area who haven't changed course (yet)? They may want the products you dispose of.

16. Sleep detoxer, sleep. Get enough sleep and get good quality sleep. Trouble sleeping? There are superfoods that can support you in this.

1 7. Learn to listen , especially to yourself and your own body. Do you have physical complaints and do you take medication? First consult with your doctor whether a detox period is wise. Do you experience a lot of stress? First ask yourself if this is the right time to detox.

18. Give yourself a successful detox where you can experience all the benefits of this detox treatment down to your little toe. A good detox period gives a lot of energy and a euphoric feeling. Cherish that!

19. Check out a Superfoodguru detox juice cleanse and choose the cleanse that suits you. A balanced cure for detox beginners , more advanced detoxers for those used to hard to detox.

20. Plan your next detox as soon as you start eating slowly again. Then you can already live up to that and until then enjoy your "feeling like new" body.

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