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Detox Recipes: The Ultimate Finishing Touch For Your Juice Fast

Detox Recipes: The Ultimate Finishing Touch For Your Juice Fast

Juice fasting is not just about the days when you do the detox cure and all your meals consist of juices. Breaking the fast is just as important. Are you doing that too rigorously? Then there is a chance that you will overload your body and that the positive effect of fasting will decrease or even disappear. Therefore, discover how best to end your detox course. Superfoodguru gives you three nice detox recipes that ensure a good start with eating food again.


Whether you follow a juice fast for a short or long period of time, you will have to eat carefully after your detox. Your body is still in the process of cleansing. For example, do you immediately take a croissant with cheese, a plate of fried rice or fries with mayonnaise? Then you can count on digestive problems. And there goes the nice, energetic and light feeling you get from juice fasting. The first meals after your detox should therefore always consist of plant-based foods . For example, start with a piece of fruit first. Eat this slowly and chew well, so that your body can get used to digesting fiber again.


It is best to continue with easily digestible and plant-based meals during the first few days after fasting. This way your body can continue to clean up for a while, while it gets used to solid food again. That doesn't mean you can't eat well. For example, try these three delicious vegan recipes that are perfect to eat after your juice fast.

Raw food cauliflower soup

This light and healthy soup is not only a good follow-up to your detox cure, you also made it quickly.

Kale salad with blood orange and pecans

Do you fancy a dish with a bite, but don't want to overload your digestive system? Then this easily digestible and nutritious salad is exactly what you are looking for.

Late summer salad with tofu and sweet potato

Another great recipe for after your detox cure is this late summer salad. The tofu and sweet potato make this dish filling.


Besides giving your body the chance to cleanse properly, a detox cure is also an ideal time to give your lifestyle a healthy twist. For example, also discover the other recipes at Superfoodguru. They are all plant-based and packed with vitamins and minerals . In addition, you will find a lot of variation in our collection, so that you can make something different every day.

Continue to benefit from fresh and healthy juices after your cure

After your detox, continue drinking our juices . They are ideal for enriching your daily diet . This way you boost your body with healthy nutrients with a juice a day. This not only helps your health, but you also stimulate the maintenance of the energetic feeling after your detox cure!

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