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Detox Or Detox Cure And Your Daily Lifestyle: How To Help Your Body Detoxify

Detox Or Detox Cure And Your Daily Lifestyle: How To Help Your Body Detoxify

One of the most important body processes is detoxification . If this does not happen or insufficiently, your body cannot function properly. The result is that ailments occur or even worse: that you become ill. Fortunately, a healthy body is quite capable of cleaning itself. But you can lend a hand. Superfoodguru is happy to explain how to do that. And do it! Because in a body that is free of toxins you feel much fitter and more energetic.


Your body is busy. It continues to remove toxins non-stop. In addition, it also discharges so-called by-products that arise from all kinds of other bodily processes. Your body uses organs such as your skin, liver and kidneys for this detoxification . But your airways and lymphatic system also help with the cleaning process. Your digestive system also plays a crucial role. You will notice the effect of this when you go to the toilet. But also when you sweat or exhale, your body releases waste and toxins.

The importance of healthy daily habits for your body cleansing

In principle, a body is quite capable of successfully carrying out a cleansing process. But when there are too many toxins or wastes, it might not get the job done right after all. This is possible, for example, if you live in the city and breathe polluted air. Or maybe you come into contact with cleaning products a lot? You may not be able to change some toxic circumstances in your life. But what you can do is support your body as best as possible with the detoxification process. In fact, it comes down to healthy living. For example, you will perspire from exercising and drinking a lot of water will make you pee. A good night's sleep is important because it gives your body time to cleanse.


What you eat and drink is very important in your body cleansing. Alcohol, dyes, preservatives and pesticides are substances that give your body extra work. In addition, you can promote the detoxification process with food. Your body needs vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to detox.

Give your body a major cleanse with a detox or detox cure

A daily diet with unprocessed foods and enough fruit and vegetables ensures that your body suffers as little as possible from waste and toxins. But you can give the detoxification an extra helping hand by following a detox course. Because you replace all your meals with healthy juices for a certain period of time, your body gets the chance to do a big cleanup. Following a detox is also easy, because at Superfoodguru you will find ready-to-use organic juices that are freshly squeezed daily. For example, start with our 1.5 day detox cure . But do you want more? Then you can extend the course to 3 , 5 or 7 days .

So take a quick look at our offer and discover which detox suits you best!

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