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What is a Detox cure 7 days?

A detox cure 7 days: you have probably heard something about it from your neighbor or read about it in a magazine. But what is it exactly? It is a liquid detox program that replaces all your meals. The cure contains 42 bottles of fresh cold-pressed juices full of organic vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs. With a juice cleanse you can cleanse and feed your body with nutrients from fruit and vegetables. This 7-day detox is intended for the experienced detoxer.

How does a 7-day detox cure work?

Okay, you might think, but how exactly does a 7-day detox cure work?
In total you get 42 bottles of juice, which means that you drink six bottles of juice per day. After receipt, the juices must be kept refrigerated and can be kept for a week. There are two boxes, box MIX and box GREEN. Box MIX (hyperlink) is a perfect mix of fruits and vegetables. If you prefer less or no fruit at all, you can opt for box GREEN (hyperlink). There are two flavors in each box. During a detox cure you are not allowed to eat besides the juices.

What are the benefits of a 7-day detox cure?

One of the advantages of the 7-day detox cure is that it intensively detoxifies your body. Do you think you've been eating way too much junk food lately and notice that you have a lot less energy? Or do you want to lose weight? Then the detox cure is a perfect solution. It can even affect your mood. With the juices of the detox cure you help your body to get rid of waste and feel better about yourself.

Are there alternatives to the detox cure 7 days?

The detox cure 7 days is mainly intended for the experienced detoxer. It is not recommended to start with this detox if you have not done a detox before. But don't worry, we also have shorter detox cures. You can start with a detox cure of 1.5 days to let your body get used to it. If you still want to do a longer course, you can also opt for three or five days.

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